Global cosmetics company takes steps towards sustainability

Due to the continuous reports about the negative impacts of climate change and deterioration of the environment, numerous brands, both big and small, have started sustainable initiatives to leave a positive impact on the planet that could benefit future generations. 

Avon, a London-based multinational cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care company, also joined in the crusade to save the planet over the long term. 

With the help of its partners, associates, and customers, Avon hopes to achieve its 10-year sustainability vision through proactive partnerships and sustainable product innovations. 

Photo by Caspar Rae from Unsplash

The global brand has already begun its initiatives last year by partnering with another cosmetics company, Natura & Co., and The Plastic Flamingo, a social company based in Manila that aims to tackle marine plastic pollution by collecting and recycling ocean-bound waste.

Just a few weeks ago, Avon Philippines launched its sustainability campaign known as “The Beauty of Doing Good.” 

Avon’s road to 2030 

Coinciding with Natura & Co.’s sustainability vision, Avon Philippines will also be following three pillars that address the climate crisis, defends human rights, and promotes the use of renewable resources to become a beauty brand that’s best for the world. 

Since 2020, Avon has already been working around the first pillar by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the alarming rate of climate change development. So far, it has reached a total of 20 percent reduction of its total carbon emissions. 

By 2030, the cosmetics brand hopes to reach net-zero along with its partner company. 

Avon has also achieved its other goals from last year such as reducing waste by 30 percent, increasing its recycling rate by 90 percent, 40 percent reduction in water intensity, and completing its paper promise by using brochure paper from certified or post-consumer recycled content sources. 

Making sustainability accessible to consumers 

The brand’s journey towards sustainability isn’t exclusive to the company and its partners. Its consumers also play an important role in helping them reach their goals by 2030. 

Some of their activities include educating consumers about sustainability, using sustainable delivery packaging, promoting the use of digital brochures instead of printed ones, developing beauty products made from sustainable materials, recycling activities, and partnering with The Plastic Flamingo. 

Through The Plastic Flamingo, Avon consumers can give their plastic items to select Avon branches collection points in the Philippines which will be properly put to waste or used to create first-range upcycled plastic eco-lumbers used as industrial materials in building shelters. 

By working together with other brands, establishments, and consumers, Avon Philippines has made its sustainable journey into something that many people can take part in, thus leaving a bigger positive impact on the environment and people.

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