<strong>Using cotton seeds to make animal feed and cooking oil may provide relief to farmers and the environment</strong>

In a bid to achieve sustainable cotton and beef production, an Australian company uses discarded cotton seeds to produce high-protein cattle feed and cooking oil.

Everything, everywhere, all in 2023

A glance into the crystal ball of science and data to prepare for the post-pandemic year.

A journey to sustainability

IWC Schaffhausen partners with environmentalist and supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

ELEVENTH HOUR: Solving the plastic crisis and pursuing a circular economy

To successfully end the toxic relationship with plastics, there is a need to fundamentally change the way we depend on them, and the way we create, use, and dispose of them.

Allianz PNB Life addresses growing demand for a green and sustainable health insurance

Allianz doubled down on its commitment to its sustainability with more initiatives this 2022. Allianz Protect comes with a Sustainability Protection Rider which makes a yearly contribution to the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Foodshed Farming Enterprise Project.

ELEVENTH HOUR: Stories of loss, resilience, and restoration delivered at COP27

'Poets and other artists, especially from the youth sector, play a crucial role in opening up the conversation on the realities of climate change on the ground and the urgency of real systemic changes needed.'

Give more smiles this Christmas with sustainable gifts

Get your holiday presents ready and shop from this leading health and beauty retailer.

Need a Break? Take a breather at this positivity hub!

An event will make you feel buhay na buhay (truly alive)!

How do we get dressed when the world is burning?

Net-zero in fashion, but clothing giants struggle to cut emissions.

In today’s fashion scene, clothes must be more than just beautiful

Inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability continue to be the driving forces behind many brands' latest moves

Cultivating rice with aquatic animals naturally boosts production - study

In a bid to introduce environment-friendly rice cultivation, Liang Guo, a postdoctoral fellow at the College of Life Sciences at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, and his colleagues conducted experiments integrating carp, mitten crabs, and softshell turtles in rice paddies.

Revisit the crops of the past for sustainable future

The worsening effects of climate change, pandemic, and raging wars have altered global patterns of food production, trade, and consumption. The crisis in food supply exposed the different lapses in the global food system neglected for the past several years.

Working together to serve more communities for a sustainable future

Sustainability at SM Prime is at the core of its corporate identity. It has spearheaded sustainable practices as well as set records in programs to protect the environment and focus on resilience in its developments.

Globe joins list of top 200 Asia-Pacific Climate Leaders

Globe has made it to the list of top 200 Climate Leaders in Asia Pacific based on a special report entitled “Asia-Pacific climate leaders: Which companies cut emissions?” developed by the Financial Times, Nikkei Asia, and Statista.

Mister Geopolitix

‘Understanding the Middle East in 30 minutes’ and other global affairs for the YouTube generation.

How to be a better traveler

Maximize fun, minimize carbon footprints.

Clean, green beauty

How the beauty business can mitigate environmental degradation.