This café serves the coffee float of your dreams

It's not an affogato, it's a Ca Phe Float!

More than just a morning fuel, coffee provides an experience. It awakens the senses and has a variety of ways of being served. Some prefer a strong, simple warm cup. While others widen their coffee-drinking sessions by adding more to their cup.

Ca Phe Float

Apart from the usual cold brews, Filipino opted for their coffee to have a silky cloud of froth or cream on the top. And if that didn't do the work, they go to the extreme and put a scope of ice cream on their brewed drink.

Coffee with ice cream is not new to Pinoy's coffee indulgence. For years, we have been enjoying the Italian affogato in our favorite cafés and its other iterations in restaurants and other food spots. But one coffee shop in Rizal is putting an oriental twist on the drink, promising a caffeine adventure mixed with summertime joy.

Dubbed as Ca Phe Float, the coffee with ice cream on top is Drip Kofi coffee shop's star beverage. What sets it apart is its Vietnamese coffee beans and adorable waffle cones.

In a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Drip Kofi's Jizelle Bernardino shares how her work overseas sparked her passion for coffee and, ultimately, gave her the push she needed to build her dream café.

What was the idea behind Drip Kofi? How long has it been operating and who are the people behind it?

It started with a dream. I used to work in Vietnam for a couple of years. I am not a fan of coffee at all. But when I tried Vietnamese coffee, I fell in love. It has always been my dream to have my own coffee shop. It started in 2018 in Bagpi Tiangge Taytay, and started selling with just 20 cups. In 2019, I took the risk of finally having my own cafe.

Drip Kofi coffee shop

Why did you choose to focus on Vietnamese coffee as your prime product?

Not a coffee drinker. But I used to work in Vietnam which is one of the coffee capitals of the world. I fell in love with the strong and sweet taste of it. I can’t get enough of it! I want to share this great coffee with the Filipino people.

What is the story behind Ca Phe Float?

We always experiment on drinks while at the café. One time, I was craving vanilla ice cream. We were drinking coffee and tried putting the vanilla ice cream on top! Voila! It tastes really good!! The creaminess of the ice cream and strong taste of the coffee really hit the spot!

What are your café's other bestsellers? What would you recommend our readers to try?

We have several beverages that are consistent! Our Drip Kofi favorites are:

Ca Phe Sua Da, White Mocha, Spanish Latte + Sea Salt, Sea Salt Latte, Green Tea, Peach Tea, Egg Coffee, and Egg Mocha. Other favorites on our menu are the Matcha Float and Ube Latte.

Some of the store's bestsellers

How was it doing business during the pandemic? What were the challenges you encountered?

We are so thankful for everyone who’s been supporting our humble cafe in these trying times and we value every little purchase to keep us afloat. Luckily, we are doing great. A lot of people love our coffee. My heart is so happy.

The only challenge that we experienced in the beginning is how we can survive without opening the café. The best solution is, we did everything at home. With the help of my family, we continue to cater to customers via delivery.

Where can we find Drip Kofi?

Our very first café and the main branch is in Taytay, Rizal. You can come and drop by at 149 E. Rodriguez Ave. Brgy. San Isidro Taytay Rizal (landmark: Siena College Taytay). We have several branches in Rizal. We are also present in Antipolo, Binangonan, Cainta, and Laguna, too!

For updates, visit @dripkofi on Instagram.