Viva bars press from asking Aljur Abrenica personal questions

Viva Artist Agency has shown support to Aljur Abrenica amid hullabaloo concerning his marital woes. 

Note Robin Padilla recently confirmed Aljur's breakup with his daughter Kylie due to alleged infidelity.

At the recent press conference of “Nerisa,” Aljur's comeback project, media moderator Giselle Sanchez notified the attendees: “We will not be entertaining personal questions for today. All your questions should be related to the movie. Please bear that in mind. If you will ask personal questions, I will be forced to butt in and request you not to ask personal questions.”

No, she wasn't wearing a gestapo uniform while at it.

Note that Cindy Miranda, Aljur's co-star in the film, is being alleged as the third party that caused the split.

But the sexy actress denied it.

Anyway, in a recent statement, Kylie asked for privacy as her family goes through the process of recovering, healing, and moving on.

Meanwhile, looks like Aljur is not at all bothered that the world is crying over his separation.

Kylie and Aljur tied the knot in 2018.

They have two children.