Robin Padilla says 'third party' caused daughter Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica's split

From left: Aljur Abrenica, Kylie Padilla, and Robin Padilla

Veteran action star Robin Padilla has confirmed that his daughter Kylie and her husband, actor Aljur Abrenica have called it quits.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, Robin said he asked Kylie if Aljur hurt her physically and treated her unfairly. But Kylie said it was her who decided to end their relationship.

Robin admitted it was painful for him to see the couple part ways, but he cannot do anything about it.

He pointed out that the issue could only be settled by Kylie and Aljur.

Robin said Aljur called him, but he did not answer. He just sent him a text message.

“Sabi ko, isa lang ang gusto ko, tumigil kayo sa social media, nakakahiya yan! Isipin mga anak. Para sa akin lang, balang araw makikita ng mga anak niyo yan.” (I told them to stop posting on social media. It's not good for their children).

Recall that early this year when fans got worried about Kylie posting several cryptic messages on social media.

Later, Kylie restored photos of Aljur on her Instagram feed.

Asked if the breakup was caused by a third party, Robin answered: “Meron daw.” (There is)

Robin said he has nothing against it, saying it’s natural for men to cheat if there’s temptation around.

“Eh hindi daw niya kaya,” said Robin when Kylie reacted to what he said. (She cannot take it).

Did Aljur apologize to him? Robin said there's no need to do that.

“Ang baduy nun!” (It's awful).

But Robin said Aljur is a “good man.”

Robin believes that Aljur and Kylie still love each other.

He expressed hope that they would be able to fix their problem.

“Sana. Para sa mga anak. Sana wag patagalin,” he said. (I hope they will fix their problem for their kids)

It was in 2011 when Kylie and Aljur revealed that they were exclusively dating.

In 2014, they separated. Two years later, they reunited.

The following year, the couple got engaged. A few months later, they welcomed their first child, Alas.

In 2018, Kylie and Aljur finally got married. The following year, Kylie gave birth to their second son, Axl.