CST simplifies choosing the right passenger car tire

Choosing a passenger car tire can be difficult with the many choices and models designed to serve different needs. Many are designed for specific factors like what kind of driving you will be doing, what road conditions you will be expecting, or even your choice of car.

Thankfully, when it comes to premium passenger car radial (PCR) tires, CST narrows the choices down to these broad categories. Drivers only need to choose which ones suit their driving needs and the general conditions on Philippine roads. 

Marquis MR61

The Marquis MR61 Premium Touring Tire is for drivers who want to maximize their practical car’s abilities with a matching fuel-efficient tire the let them literally, and figuratively, go places. 

Thanks to its material composition and design, the Marquis MR61 saves on fuel. It also delivers on safety and performance, making it the practical choice for the smart driver who wants his tires long-lasting, but can handle both dry roads and wet pavement. 

Making this all possible is CST’s new formula, a full-silica compound that delivers low rolling resistance. A special tire pattern design optimizes the Marquis MR61’s grip on the road while preventing the uneven wear that shortens a tire’s life. Concentrated grooves and multiple sipes work alongside strong central ribs to make all this action almost undetectable inside the car cabin. 

True to form, the Marquis MR61 presents drivers with a wide choice of sizes - from 13 inches to 16 inches - to fit the practical cars they drive.

Medallion MD-A1

The Medallion MD-A1 is designed for top-tier cars. It’s made from a new material in tire technology, a full-silica compound that finds that sweet spot between low rolling resistance and wet performance. This same compound increases the tire’s ability to brake on wet surfaces; coupled with a double-angled shoulder groove that efficiently pitches water off the tire, it eliminates the chances of dangerous hydroplaning on wet roads. 

It’s the reliable all-rounder tire: steady and fuel-efficient as a daily driver, but ready to handle bursts of speed. Rarely does a performance tire marry with fuel efficiency, but with the Medallion MD-A1’s low rolling resistance, the car performs yet remains economical thanks to its tires. 

Ride and comfort are not sacrificed, either. The Medallion MD-A1 is quiet because of its noise-reducing tread design consisting of multiple lateral grooves and a pitch arrangement that spares the cabin (and the driver) from all the unnecessary noise usually associated with performance tires.

The Medallion MD-A1 is the true midpoint between practicality and performance, coming exclusively in 16-inch sizes to match your performance-experience driving.

The Marquis MR61 and Medallion MD-A1 are all from CST, the parent company of Maxxis Tires.