Does your country do you proud?

Or the question is: Do you do your country proud?

Love of country is a two-way street. Most of us aren’t given a chance to do our country proud, like Lea Salonga or Juan Luna or Yuka Saso, but that’s what we think. This country is made up of you and me and, in more ways than one, in a way often unrecognized, we have the power to make each other shine just as we also have the power to dim each other’s lights. On the occasion of the 123rd anniversary of Philippine Independence, counting from the day we first waved the Philippine flag in 1898, we need to ask ourselves again and again, and not just on June 12 every year, what our country does to do us proud and, in so asking, also come up with an answer to the question what do we do that does our country proud. Here are a few musings from Filipinos, now and then, dead and alive, perchance we can find what exactly we should celebrate on Independence Day.

Ben Chan

I am proud of our Filipino creativity. Without a doubt we have an abundance of world-class talents that have conquered the stage through the performing arts, music, visual arts, animation, fashion design, and, most recently, sports. Our sense of artistry, expressiveness coupled with a distinct wit and humor, makes us a match to any culture and race.


Carlos P. Romulo

Let us teach them to realize anew that being a Filipino means having as rich and noble a heritage of language, culture, patriotism, and heroic deeds as any nation on earth.


Duday Tuason

If there’s one thing that makes me proud being a Filipino, it would be our resilience to adversities and our willingness to help others in times of need. This sets us apart from the rest of the world.


Jose Rizal

I want to show to those who deprive people the right to love of country, that when we know how to sacrifice ourselves for our duties and convictions, death does not matter if one dies for those one loves, for his country and for others dear to him.


Felice Sta. Maria

At our best, we Filipinos relate kapwa to kapwa, from our innermost person to that of another, or heart to heart. Which is why when we feed, there must be happiness and not just food.


Benigno Aquino Jr.

I have carefully weighed the virtues and the faults of the Filipino and I have come to the conclusion that he is worth dying for.


Carlo Calma Lorenzana

I’m proud to say and believe that Pinoys are among the most adaptable people in the world. We can excel in almost anything the world throws at us, maybe except for certain sports that require taller people.


Ramon Magsaysay

This country is like a pyramid, like a tower. It is made up of millions of stones... and the foundation stone of this pyramid is the common man.


Czarina Ablaza-Syquia

The Philippines has the highest number of Catholics in Asia and I am proud of my Catholic heritage.


Apolinario Mabini

Only he is truly a patriot who, whatever his post, high or low, tries to do the greatest possible good to his countrymen.


Don Patrick Baldosano

It makes me proud that our culture is so diverse. It surprises me each time that I try to learn about our culture it is always beautifully different, from the hospitality to people and especially the cuisine.


Diosdado Macapagal

The strength of the nation lies in the well-being of the common man.


Niccolo Cosme

I am grateful for and celebrate the Filipino’s bayanihan spirit. Time and time again, we have proven that, during great difficulties, it is natural for us to come together and lift each other up no matter what.


Manuel L. Quezon

I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.


Francesca Golez

I am a proud Filipino because we are resilient and we find humor in difficult situations.