Still baking? These recipes are celebrity-approved

From garden focaccia to chocolate treats, here are easy bakes you should try on your kitchen

Banana leche flan cake and garden focaccia

What used to be a domestic activity for at-home mothers, baking nowadays is seen as a form of therapy. A way to block the noise both online and offline, it gives people an avenue to creatively "languish." This is even true for celebrities. With many movie production houses on a halt, actors channeled their artistic side in the kitchen, whipping up warm goodies with their trusty ovens. If you're still flexing your baking skills like many actors everywhere, we have listed down a few easy recipes local celebrities shared online that are worth exploring in your kitchen. Get ready to start watching and get baking!

Rhian Ramos' brownies

Erwan Heussaff's banana leche flan cake

Lauren Young's chocolate cookies

Liz Uy's chocolate cake

Solenn Heussaff's garden focaccia