The right tires for Philippine off-road conditions

It’s no stretch to associate SUVs with excitement. Its three letters —SUV for sport utility vehicle — are veritable synonyms for practicality, versatility, and fun. You’ll find the vehicle at practically every enjoyable outdoor activity from the beach, to tourists spots, wake parks, and camp sites.

But to get to these places, choosing the right tire for your SUV requires careful thought and an understanding of how and where the SUV will see action.

Maxxis Tires Philippines hopes to ‘take you further’ despite the challenging conditions of Philippine roads. To do that, it offers three tires — the Bravo HP-M3, AT-771, and AT-980 — designed specifically for these needs.

First up is the Bravo HP-M3. It’s the perfect choice as an on-road tire that refuses to sacrifice speed, wet-road handling, comfort, and safety. At highway speeds, its continuous center rib design with slanted sipes (the groove that gives the tire its grip) provides outstanding stability on wet conditions during the rainy season. It’s paired with wide circumferential grooves to channel and expel water and reduce the likelihood of hydroplaning. The Bravo HP-M3 is a premium all-season touring tire that also surprisingly quiet for reassuring grip.

The Bravo AT-771 features noticeabbly more aggressive tread. This make it more off-road capable but not at the cost of on-road viability. Its tread design is optimized to eliminate hydroplaning and return reassuring wet traction. Having the best of both worlds, this tire is ideal for the driver who takes their SUV everywhere, from work on the weekdays, to the trails on the weekends.

The Bravo AT-980 is the big guns of Maxxis’ SUV tire line. It’s suited for the driver willing to invest a bit more to have a blast on the trail. It shrugs off damage with its deep tread blocks are designed to take a beating, grippings and holding on to terrain with its aggressive zig-zag pattern. This pattern also conveniently self-cleans, providing outstanding braking and on-road performance, regardless of whether it’s dry and sunny outside or wet and muddy. Aggressive tires usually compromise on-road handling, but not the AT-980. The square tread shape maximizes its contact patch to provide responsive handling. Best of all, the AT-980’s robust nylon cap ply and durable sidewall makes it puncture resistant and offers more bruising protection.

Whatever your adventure, Bravo Series by Maxxis Tires Philippines offers a choice to suit a variety pf driving styles, terrain, and lifestyles. The Bravo HP-M3 is an excellent choice for on-road applications; the Bravo AT-771 is the ticket to both light trail and on-road driving; and the Bravo AT-980 makes challenging trails enjoyable without compromising on-road practicality. There’s a Maxxis tire for every SUV driving condition.