Instagrammable café opens new locations nationwide to bring its coffee experience to more Filipinos

Coffee Project is a proud homegrown brand that has elevated the cafe experience for Filipinos since its introduction in 2014. During its early days, Coffee Project focused on the rapid growth of its network of branches all over the metro, and in only a span of seven years, the local coffee chain quickly grew from one to now 27 branches in Metro Manila alone.

Coffee Project Gapan, Nueva Ecija

The unique look of Coffee Project is only one of its many endearing selling points of the chain, from cafe's signature "organized chaos" look, Coffee Project also impresses customers with the availability of free Wi-Fi and generosity of charging outlets in their shops. Coffee Project is the dream cafe for those who prefer working from a coffee shop and those who love holding meetings at cafes and restaurants for a multitude of seating options is available whether you're alone or in a group.

Aside from the inviting interiors of Coffee project, the coffee shop also offers a diverse food and drink menu to wow new customers. With an already impressive array of food included in their staple menu, Coffee Project also comes out with seasonal dishes offered for a limited time.

The chain has an interesting curation of novelty and stationery items available in store, too! Some notable partnerships of Coffee Project are with established and well-loved brands like Disney, Corkcicle, and Yankee Candles, just to name a few.

With its current network of 56 branches nationwide, Coffee Project now has a community of nearly 500 inspired baristas and personnel all over the country and with no plans of stopping. Today, more Filipinos can have the opportunity to work in the country’s most Instagrammable coffee shop and train with other innovative coffee enthusiasts and artists under the employ of Coffee Project.

Much like how every Coffee Project is unique in its own way, no branch will ever have the same layout, decorations, and visuals. However, every Coffee Project location and Coffee Project patron has these in common: great coffee and a great sense of taste.