LOOK: Korean idol Wonho goes shirtless for Men's Health

It's a good day for all Wenees and Monbebes as Wonho covers Men's Health Korea's 15th anniversary issue.

"Hello! Captain Korea" headlines the new Men's Health Korea with K-pop idol Wonho (real name: Lee Ho-seok) flaunting his celebrated physique. Fans of 27-year-old idol refer to the "Open Mind" singer as Captain Korea.

The March 2021 issue of the fitness magazine features two covers: one with Wonho rocking his washboard abs in washed denim looking all tanned for the coming summer season, and the other cover featuring the idol bare chested in a navy suit.

The cover comes as a welcomed surprise to Wonho's fans, as he is one of the most celebrated singers idolized not only for his music but for his physique as well. His YouTube account, followed by more than 600,000 fans, promotes attention to his body of work in music as well as his fitness journey.