VIDEO: A day in a life of K-pop idol Wonho

Published December 23, 2020, 10:55 AM

by Jerico Villamonte

From morning grooming rituals to mukbang filming, the Korean star takes us into his world

We K-pop stans know well how busy the idols can be, and Wonho’s schedule is no different. From what he does first thing after waking up to how it ends, here’s a deeper look into the life of Wonho as he celebrates his 100th day from solo debut. In Korean culture, 100th day celebrations are popular and attributed to an infant’s birth called baek-il.

Screenshots from Wonho’s Youtube

Wake me up

Upon opening his eyes, Wonho stretches and reaches for his phone, juggling fitness and being connected to the world first thing in the morning (We all could relate to this so much. Okay, maybe not really the stretching part). From this moment, we could tell how he likes to live in a well fragrant environment, as we spot a room spray from Aesop and a bottle of F*cking Fabulous from Tom Ford on his bed side table.

Oh so fresh

From his bedroom to his bath, he goes straight to brushing his teeth, we again could not help but notice a strip of Aesop products on his counter and another bottle of Tom Ford fragrance. For his grooming routine, he lathers up his face with a wash and then a toner by patting onto the skin. This important K-beauty step helps with blood circulation and skin absorption.

Wonho’s morning routine continues with the preparation of his protein in-take for the day: He blends a few scoops of his whey powder, takes an energy drink, and then blends with a few more scoops in his Vitamix. We’re guessing he needs an extra boost of energy to keep up on his busy day ahead.

Ready for my closeup

The star hops on his transport to where a magazine shoot will be happening. As photo shoots are a way to legitimately publicize current comebacks in the world of Korean entertainment, Wonho clearly takes a schedule out of his busy “Open Mind” promotions to book a feature.

Dazed Magazine is having the K-pop star on their pages come January 2021, and the shoot starts off with the musician getting a haircut from his stylist. After the grooming process, he puts on an ensemble from Balenciaga, an oversized sportswear look in yellow—hello, color of the year! After a few layouts, he writes a love letter to his official fan club Wenee, greeting them a Merry Christmas.

Come eat with Wonho

After the magazine shoot, Wonho returns to his apartment to do another shoot, this time for his virtual channel. He’s filming a chicken mukbang ASMR featuring Kyochon and Puradak Chicken’s dishes (a restaurant which used to have a branch in Malate, Manila). At this point, he seems to really enjoy its Toowoomba Chicken as the best of the bunch.

The day is ending for our star and repeats his grooming ritual for the evening. He lights his bedside candle while he checks his upcoming tracks on his phone, as we’re guessing he can’t help but be precise with the music he puts out.

Before he slumbers, he writes to Wenee members again, this time on Twitter for it is his 100th day after his solo debut to show appreciation. Lastly, before he shuts down for the day, he promises to make more vlogs to keep his fans updated on his life.

For the full video, watch it here: