GoCommerce helps brands grow with efficient online order fulfillment this holiday season

Published December 7, 2021, 3:52 PM

by Enzo Luna

While the pandemic has posed significant challenges to most businesses, one company has made it their mission to assist brands in thriving during the pandemic and staying ahead when things return to the “new normal.” GoCommerce, is an eCommerce enabler that uses technology to help brands maximize their sales potential across multiple selling platforms by creating a tech-enabled affordable solution for eCommerce Fulfillment, making omnichannel Commerce easy.

GoCommerce is an omnichannel eCommerce partner providing end-to-end eCommerce solutions that supercharge brand growth by creating great online buying experiences. 

GoCommerce is an eCommerce enabler  that helps brands maximize their online sales potential across all channels, including Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, and even their own websites, to reach their target customers. GoCommerce now collaborates with 30 brands, including some of the world’s largest multinational corporations as well as local market leaders.

We raised a few questions with GoCommerce to fully understand their plans and how the company works to provide better services for their partners.

How is GoCommerce going to help brands maximize their sales potential online?

With GoCommerce we help brands scale fast in an increasingly Omnichannel eCommerce world. 

The goal of many brands today is to translate their success in the offline marketplace to online.  Many are overwhelmed with how complex and fast-paced eCommerce is which is even multiplied by the growing number of platforms that brands need to be present in, on top of their own webstores.

GoCommerce Chief finance officer, Mark L. Tan; Chief executive officer, Ryan L. Tan; Chief operations officer Neil L. Tan

This is where GoCommerce comes in. We are an Omnichannel eCommerce growth partner of brands, and we make it our goal to make them market leaders in their respective categories in the online space. We can do this because of our vast experience and our omnichannel technology which enables us to efficiently manage content, orders, and inventories among many others. As the eCommerce growth partner, we manage the brand’s total online business from store creation, webstore development, operations, performance marketing, fulfillment, and logistics. We are a true end-to-end partner that enables brands to have the unfair advantage they need to be number 1.

GoCommerce has 2 verticals: GoCommerceBrands and ShipGo.  GoCommerceBrands entices customers to order online and ShipGo fulfills the demand to customers through an order fulfillment automation solution.

ShipGo: The Trusted Name in Order Fulfillment

Tens of thousands of 5-star actual consumer feedback in Lazada and Shopee talk about great order fulfillment experiences as of June 2021 for eCommerce online orders. Through ShipGo, GoCommerce offers fast, reliable, and cost-effective order fulfillment automation for B2C eCommerce.

ShipGo eCommerce Fulfillment finds solutions to connect stores to GoCommerce software.. The fulfillment center then safely stores the inventory and quickly picks, packs and ships when a customer orders.

The system enables retailers and brands to grow on the backs of giants by delivering “speed-to-scale” capabilities and creating a spokesman experience for their brands.

Why switch to GoCommerce and how is ShipGO going to help SMEs scale faster?

GoCommerce’s competitive advantage is its ecosystem of technology and services that enables brands to easily manage omnichannel, performance marketing, and order fulfillment.

ShipGo is the Easy Order Fulfillment Automation platform of GoCommerce.  It works in 3 simple steps. First, ShipGo links with an online webstore inside platforms like Shopee or Lazada or with a Brand’s own website in a few clicks within 15 minutes. Next, the brand sends to us their inventory which we safely secure. Lastly, if there is an online order, we will automatically be notified to pick, pack, and ship the items to the customers without errors.

ShipGo the fulfillment center, safely stores the inventory, and quickly picks, packs and ships when a customer orders.

Social Commerce

Using top social media platforms to promote brands and drive sales. GoCommerce utilizes the most recent social media platforms and tools to ensure that the companies’ clients are aware of them, thereby increasing traffic to their stores and persuading people to buy from them.

In-Platform Marketing

Enable brands to stand-out and reach-out to target buyers within marketplaces.


Customer Experience Specialists that drive sales, satisfaction and resolve negative experiences. GoCommerce understands the psychology of why and how people buy online, in addition to technology. GoCommerce helps create the right buying experience for specific target customers by conducting extensive research and being data-driven, especially during the holiday season.


Livestreams to attract followers, create excitement and drive sales.

Currently, ShipGo only serves large brands such as Unilever, Nutriasia, Anker, Omega Houseware among many but we are soon launching an online platform that we will open for SMEs. When a solopreneur or an SME owner creates an account in our platform, he/she automatically gains the capabilities of large corporations because of our SME-friendly but scalable storage solutions, order fulfillment services, and more.

GoCommerce also provides brands with three options for same-day delivery, same-day shipping, and next-day shipping. It sets GoCommerce apart from the growing network of modern fulfillment centers that allow businesses to deliver orders the same day or the next day. Same-day delivery is currently only available in Metro Manila, but it will be expanded to Metro Cebu and Metro Davao soon.

What sets apart GoCommerce’s fulfillment center?

GoCommerce’s ShipGo is building a nationwide network of fulfillment centers that will serve as the backbone for many brands to be able to reduce shipping costs and shipping time for customer orders across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. With our high-tech facilities, we enable brands to fulfill tens of thousands of orders made in a single day. Today, we enable brands to offer same day delivery services to customers in Mega Manila. We are expanding this to Metro Cebu and Metro Davao in 2022, and to many parts of the Philippines.  We deliver brands to their customers and our aim is to continuously innovate in the field of eCommerce logistics to improve the online buying experiences of customers in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

What are the competitive advantages of GoCommerce among other logistics and ecommerce companies?

With GoCommerce, our aim is to provide brands the unfair advantage they would need to win in the competitive eCommerce market. We do this with our “speed-to-scale” approach that’s made possible by our experience, culture, and technology.

We have the proven experience of growing market leaders in the platforms, and we are recognized as a 3-star Lazada Partner, the highest rating that Lazada gives to its partners in Southeast Asia, and as a Shopee Premium Enabler. Our culture of relentlessness and innovation plays a huge part too. Lastly, our omnichannel technology and our network of some of the most modern fulfillment centers in the country sets us apart. Altogether is a potent mix that enables brands to scale fast.

What are GoCommerce 12.12 and holiday season campaigns and promos that will help enable brands thrive amid the pandemic?

Christmas is big in the Philippines and the 12.12 campaign is the one that is geared most towards Christmas shopping and gifting. All the brands that we are working with from Anker, Garmin, Klean Kanteen, Omega Houseware, and more are offering great deals perfect for gift-giving!

What’s Next? Gearing Up for Exponential Growth

GoCommerce pushes the boundaries of scaling up people, brand, technology, and infrastructure to achieve full-speed growth. GoCommerce also aspires to be the country’s undisputed top of mind enabler and order fulfillment partner.