Coffee Project launches its 2022 Every You planners

Coffee Project welcomes the holiday season with the release of its 2022 planner set.

These planner sets come in four different designs which represent different personas: adventurous, artistic, passionate, and writer. Each has a journal included to pen your thoughts and organize your plans in the coming year. It is an outlet to spark motivation, enrich creativity, and a reminder to take a moment to breathe from a busy life.

This year, Coffee Project elevates your planner experience with a fun twist! There are activities perfectly curated to match the hobbies of every persona to ensure that despite your busy schedule, you’d still be able to find little joys during your pastimes.

The 2022 Every You Planners help you go through each day as you discover every side of you. To provide you a hint of which planner works best for you, check out the details below:

Photo from Coffee Project

Writer Planner

For the side of you that adores letters, poems, prose, and stories to tell, the Writer Planner in Pearl Grey is a personal organizer that you can utilize in many ways. This planner gives free rein to express oneself through pen and paper. There are pages where you can turn your words into a beautiful poem, a gratitude log where you can keep track of the things that you’re thankful for, an idea log for your future works, and other writing challenges that will help you improve your writing and paint your feelings into words. If you ever find yourself in need of a friend to confide in or have a foe to confront, nothing beats a classic good ‘ole writing, especially with Coffee Project’s Writer Planner.

Photo from Coffee Project

Adventurous Planner

For the side of you that wanders and jumps at the sight of adventure, the Adventurous Planner in Midnight Blue is for you. This planner is the ideal instrument to put your quests into action—from the date down to the itinerary, the place you’d stay, the meals you’d eat, and the expenses you’d make. There are also pages that function as a little photo book so you can paste your polaroids and relive those fun memories all over again. You can also start to list down your bucket list, learning adventures, and track important dates for you to not miss out on any occasion. The Adventurous Planner is surely the road map to plan and create your endless escapades with your friends, family, or better yet, one with yourself.

Photo from Coffee Project

Artistic Planner

For your wide array of imagination, the Artistic Planner in Raven Black is absolutely for you. This planner works best for the spontaneous click of ideas and picture-perfect moments yet to be drawn, doodled, or painted perhaps. It’s the kind of planner that excites you with every activity. It comes with drawing challenges, “Create and Destroy” activities to uplift your mood, and coloring pages to enhance your creative side. The Artistic Planner gives a substantial amount of space for you to reinforce your imagination and make it an unforgettable year full of wonders.

Photo from Coffee Project

Passionate Planner

For the side of you that is passionate and committed, may it be on the career path taken or just the things you love doing big or small, the Passionate Planner in Saddle Brown is the one for you. An impeccable planner for your next goal, next achievement, or maybe next wins in life. You can keep track of your many goals—from finances and career to wellness. This planner makes it a lot easier to track your personal and work to do’s. It is also an avenue for you to inscribe lessons learned from past mishaps that’ll motivate you to do your best. The Passionate Planner definitely captures the master plan of things to do, thrive, work and hustle.

Coffee Project makes it more convenient to collect stickers and avail the planner set. Orders made via dine-in, takeaway, and delivery through are qualified for the promotion. 15 stickers have to be collected in order to avail one Every You planner set.

This holiday season, let Coffee Project’s Every You Planner be an indication that there are still things to discover about you, goals that are yet to be achieved, and warm moments to be shared with yourself, friends, and family.