Flash Express Philippines is ready to meet the growing demand for logistics services in the country

Published October 27, 2021, 7:03 PM

by Enzo Luna

Courier and logistics enterprises are the fastest-growing commercial ventures right now, and the effect of the pandemic in the country’s business and eCommerce industry has boosted them significantly. Many service companies have formed this year, owing to the Philippines’ status as a hotbed of expanding business opportunities, particularly in the eCommerce sector.

Flash Express Philippines mobile app from Google Play

Flash Express Philippines, which began in August of this year, provides a remarkable integrated e-commerce, courier, and logistics service for Filipino clients and SMEs dealing with the pandemic’s challenges and difficulties. Flash Express is a one-stop logistics and courier service that has a mobile app available for download.

L-R: Flash Express Philippines Head of Legal Compliance & Spokesperson, Atty. Sherry Bernabe; Flash Express Philippines Legal Head for Express Operations, Atty. Niquee Louise Yap-Espiritu; Flash Express Philippines Shareholder Representative, Mr. Tony Luo; and Flash Express Philippines General Manager, Engr. John de Guzman Tarampi.

In his presentation to the media on October 25, 2021, Flash Express Philippines General Manager Engr. John de Guzman Tarampi stated that the company began operations in August 2021 with NCR as its pilot coverage. The organization was able to massively enhance its serviceable regions of coverage by opening 117 hubs and centers across the National Capital Region, Luzon, Visayas, and some portions of Mindanao in less than three months of rigorous planning and implementation.

“We have carefully planned strategically the serviceable areas where we wanted to put up our hubs and distribution centers and we have considered lots of factors including the geographic locations, area of coverage, communications availability, density, and a lot more,” Tarampi said.

Flash Express Philippines provides services such as free door-to-door pickup, low COD charges, speedy delivery, 24/7 customer service, and 365-day operations with no holidays.

To introduce its services to their target market, Flash Express Philippines PR & Partnerships Manager Reginald Rex Pumihic said the company recently signed a business partnership with the country’s largest eCommerce company and has already begun forming partnerships with other large, micro, small, and medium businesses that require logistics support.

“We hope that we can inject new vitality into the Philippine express market and provide a better service experience to the eCommerce industry,” Pumihic added.

Aside from speedy services, Flash Express Philippines aspires to be a one-stop-shop for all its markets, which can be accessed via the Flash Express mobile app and website.

Flash Express Philippines’ Head of Legal Compliance, Atty. Sherry Lou Bernabe, stated the company is planning to expand its services beyond what it currently offers.

“We plan to include warehousing and fulfillment, financing services, payment facilities, and other eCommerce services,” Bernabe added.

Current discounts and promotions are available to Key Accounts and frequent clients.

The company has organized brand and consumer activities, according to Flash Express Philippines Marketing Director Dave Khodr, as they prepare for their formal launch on November 25, 2021.

“We plan to conduct our official public launch next month once we complete the Mindanao operations. Customers can expect a lot of activities we have prepared for them. In fact, customers who are using our services via the app and our website can avail current promotions of 50% OFF shipping fee for the month of October and the Refer and Earn Program that will run until the end of the year,” Khodr said.

To complete the Philippines’ first stage of operations, Flash Express Philippines aims to open 285 hubs and 12 centers across the country by the end of the year, employing 10,000 people. Flash Express employs a cutting-edge automatic sorting technology that includes system assistance and smart big data service.

In response to the country’s growing demand for logistics services, Flash Express Philippines is now offering the KA System to all eCommerce and microbusiness owners who require logistics and delivery services to carry out their daily operations and efficiently handle their customers’ delivery needs.

KA System is a self-service software developed by Flash Express that is tailored for big customers with demand on order-management services. With a flexible interface, KAS makes it easy to import/query/manage orders, manage shipments on commission, batch print labels, book online, and Open-API is supported, to provide you comprehensive services.

Through an online dashboard, KAs can assist business owners in efficiently managing their clients’ orders and delivery transactions.

Flash Express Philippines is committed to continuously improve the Philippines logistics system to fulfill all the needs of its customers. The company takes pride in having a team with over 20 years of expertise and providing hands-on, round-the-clock support prior to, during, and after implementation.

Flash Express Philippines mobile app from Google Play

Customers may download Flash Express Philippines from Google Play (https://bit.ly/3xikwiZ) or Apple (https://apple.co/3rNO5YJ) or go to www.flashexpress.ph for more information.