How this local coffee company kept business thriving during the pandemic

The Good Cup Coffee Company brings the coffee experience online

We could all agree that a great morning starts with a good cup of coffee. It's the ultimate mood booster. It awakens the senses thanks to its brewed goodness and irresistible aroma. Best of all, it is the perfect drink to have when having conversation. 

That's what The Good Cup Coffee Company had in mind ever since its establishment in 2018. The Cebu-based business led by award-winning baristas Gio Visitascion and the late John Michael Hermosa, envisioned bringing no less than the best of international and local coffee in the city. Today, it looks they have done even more.

Gio Visitascion

"We source, roast, and brew coffee from different farmers all over the world with the goal of highlighting each coffee's unique characteristics and the craftsmanship of the coffee producer," the brand said.

What makes it a stand out as a coffee company is its objective of educating its patrons about the inner makings of a coffee. Giving them the knowledge of what happens to coffee before it becomes a warm cup brings greater appreciation about preparation, and acknowledges the efforts of farmers, processors, roasters, baristas. Its Coffee 101 sessions eventually gave birth to cupping events by bringing coffee lovers together, tasting different blends of their favorite drink.

The Good Cup Coffee's Coffee 101 session

The mindset of coffee drinking as an experience played a role for the company to survive these difficult times. As the coffee company kept roasting and preparing coffee packages during the height of community quarantine, they also continued their brewing sessions virtually.

By bringing in esteemed brewers and taking their coffee talk online, it managed to keep its connection with the customers strong and for the business itself to thrive. Building an e-commerce website also served a better purpose for patrons to get their coffee in the safest manner possible.

"Moving forward we will focus on investing to create great digital experiences for our customers through tech innovations that would add great value to our customers," Gio said. "Since March, the company had to migrate our customer experience from offline to online. As we progress, we will continue to improve the customer's journey by starting first with the customer and then work back by collaborative innovations with technology."

Of course, among the true back bones of The Good Cup Coffee Company are its products. It prides itself on showcasing the best coffee beans, roasting them on their own, and formulating coffee products caffeine lovers will enjoy.

Sourced from international farms all over the world, these foreign coffee beans provide a different brewed experience to anyone who tastes them. The Kenyan coffee has hints of black currant and citrus notes. The honey-processed Ethiopia Killenso has orange and peach taste. And the best-seller, the Brazil Cerrado, has a sweet, bold, and rich chocolate flavor.

Locally produced coffee beans are also included in the company's menu. An example is the Mount Apo coffee produced by Dione Ellaga, chairman of the Bagobo Tribe Farmers Association, which has stone fruit, honey, and cacao flavors. 

The White and Black cold brews

Perfect for on-the-go customers are the bottled cold brews, which come in white and black, available via Grabfood and Foodpanda. 

Get to know more about The Good Cup Coffee Company's products, brewing tutorials, and how you can have your coffee beans delivered, even in Manila, by visiting its website Its physical store is located at Ferdinand Ramos St., Cebu City, near Cebu Velez General Hospital, open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Images from @thegoodcupcoffeeco.