Share the road with two wheelers

Riding and driving together safely

Practically every day, we see a post on social media about a car or motorbike behaving badly on the road. There are so many examples of abruptly changing lanes, forcing their way through a tight spot, or even causing an accident. However, many of these incidents could have been avoided if we only looked out for other motorists.

As our country faces many challenges, whether developmental, policy-related, or even pandemic related, it’s important to remember that we are not the only ones using the road. Other road users have just as much right to be there. It’s especially critical to be aware of one’s surroundings what with new modes of transport being developed, further blurring the lines between motorist and pedestrian.

In this special, we’ll go over many ways to learn to share the road and be on the lookout for other motorists, whether they’re on other cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or even personal mobility devices. Car drivers don’t often realize the risks of riding a motorcycle, bicycle or electric kick scooter, and neither do some motorcycle riders realize the limitations of a car.

To bolster friendly driving from both sides, we’ve produced a set of tips, on how to spot other vehicles and commuters and give them the appropriate allowance, space, and patience.

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How to drive around bicyclists and mobility device users

How to drive around motorcyclists

Car features that help you spot other road users