2022 Isuzu mu-X comes road-sharing ready

Published September 24, 2021, 8:00 AM

by Eric R. Tipan

All-new mu-X boasts new IDAS feature

Road sharing is a pretty simple concept that hasn’t really caught on as evidenced by the 22,080 motorcycle-related crashes in 2020. Although that number is much smaller than the 31,279 accidents in 2019, let’s remember that we had a lengthy lockdown last year and less motorists on the road.

In the last decade, the Philippines has shown a higher percentage increase of registered motorcycles compared to vehicles than other regions around the world. With the current state of public transportation and COVID-19 forcing people to opt for personal modes of mobility, this trend isn’t going to change any time soon.

Luckily for mu-X fans who have longingly waited for the second-generation model (launched in Thailand on October 2020), it comes with IDAS (Intelligent Driver Assistance Systems) that’ll help motorists drive safely while looking out for riders on the road.

What is IDAS?

After the D-Max made a big leap forward in terms of hi-tech features, it was already expected that the upcoming mu-X was going to be more family friendly, and that includes becoming a safer mid-size SUV.

IDAS is a suite of safety features available on the LS-E variant that include passive and active systems that use sensors and multiple cameras to detect and measure the distance, size, velocity and depth of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other potential obstacles around it.

Isuzu was quick to point out though that IDAS is and never should be a ‘substitute for safe driving practices.’

IDAS active safety features

Autonomous Emergency Braking works in tandem with Forward Collision Warning and Turn Assist (a segment first locally). If a rider or a jogger is detected by the 3D stereo binocular camera setup, the brakes are automatically activated while an audible warning goes off in the cabin and red lights flash on the dashboard to alert the driver.

Pedal Mis-application Mitigation monitors the vehicle’s motion, traffic flow, and throttle use. If sudden and accidental pressure is put on the accelerator, engine output is drastically reduced to prevent an accident like crashing into a biker or a wall.

Adaptive Cruise Control is one feature long-distance drivers will love. On the highway, set your desired speed and the system looks out for vehicles and riders ahead. If you’re driving up to them too fast, it will automatically slow the vehicle down and even come to a full stop for as long as five minutes.

If you can’t trust your own feet, use the Manual Speed Limiter to drive at a comfortable and safe pace.

Automatic High Beam is what I call the courteous feature. Once it senses oncoming traffic – riders, bikers, or truckers – it will dim the lights to avoid nighttime glare.

Lane Departure Warning is an alert system that tells the driver if the vehicle is shifting off its lane. Great feature to keep both sides of the road wide enough for riders and cyclists to pass through.

Riders and bikers are harder to see when they come up to any SUV’s blind spot, which is why Blind Spot Monitoring is now an essential feature to have especially for large vehicles. And as per ASEAN NCAP (New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries), it works on both left and right sides of the mu-X.

Ever accidentally bumped a rider, or biker, while backing out of a parking slot? Neither have I. Keeping that good streak going will now be a lot easier with the mu-X’s Rear Cross Traffic Alert that works together with its 4-eye Parking Aid and Reverse Camera.

To avoid further damage after an accident where the airbags were deployed, Multi-Collision Brake System works by bringing the vehicle to a complete and safe stop.

Other safety features

While the seven-position dual SRS airbags are exclusive to the LS-E – the LS-A and LS get two-position dual SRS airbags – the following are standard on all trims, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Side Door Impact Beams, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Brake Assist, Brake Override System, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control System, Hill Start Assist, and Hill Descent Control.

The safest mu-X yet reminds everyone that ‘sharing is caring’

From left: Hajime Koso, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) President; Shojiro Sakoda, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC), Executive Vice President and the all-new mu-X.

You can’t get any better than five-stars from the ASEAN NCAP and that’s exactly what this all-new model did: five-stars for Adult Occupant Protection, five-stars for Child Occupant Protection, and a sterling five-stars for Safety Assist.

The 2021 Isuzu mu-X is ready for you and even the riders and bikers around you. As great as it is, this vehicle is only as good as the driver behind the wheel. Please, do your part and learn to share road space with others. It’s not only the right way, more importantly, it’s the safer way to drive.