Did you know? There’s a 7-Eleven drive-thru in the Philippines

Published September 23, 2021, 2:47 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’ where you can find it

As the global pandemic continues to restrict many industries’ operations, brands and stores continue to explore new ways to adapt to the health safety demands of our time. One of the ways they can assure that is by offering a drive-thru service. It is easy, minimizes contact with other consumers, and is quite swift. While it is normal to see fast-food brands and restaurants having this kind of service, what will surprise you is that many brands are already incorporating it into their operations and that includes convenience store 7-Eleven.

The global brand founded in 1927 in the US has been aiding many people on the road with its general offering, from food and hygiene needs to garments and school supplies. That is why having a drive-thru is just a natural step for it to take. Internationally, 7-Eleven has tested its first drive-thru service in Texas earlier this year. And if you didn’t know, you can also find one here in the Philippines.

7-Eleven drive-thru store (Photo by Michael Arganda)

Tiktok user @madarahug shared a video of him testing out the drive-thru service. Just like the usual, the driver chats to a speaker where an employee is on the other end of the line taking his orders. According to a Facebook post by Michael Arganda, the store offers quick meals and snacks, from bread, biscuits, siopaos, and hotdog sandwiches to sodas, brewed coffee, among others.

Located at Subic Bay Gateway Park Gate 4, Olongapo City, this 7-Eleven drive-thru store is definitely a must-see pitstop.