Giant steel sculptures sprout in Metro Manila

Published August 13, 2021, 1:49 AM

by R-Wayne F. Lipardo

A few weeks ago, a giant outdoor statue made of steel was unveiled in front of SM Megamall. Now, it is a sight to behold for both pedestrians and motorists passing along EDSA. Soon, two giant steel sculptures will welcome motorists as they enter the central business district in Pasay.

In this age of digital technology, people are more drawn to innovations that can make their daily living convenient, safer, and healthier especially in this global pandemic. But it seems like the pandemic also gave way for companies to create symbolic and iconic structures in the form of public artworks, which are bold statement pieces and would become community landmarks.

Just at the corner of EDSA Extension and Roxas Boulevard, these new giant steel sculptures can be seen towering and protruding at the DoubleDragon Plaza building complex in Pasay. It looks like they were also made from metal and the size could be similar or higher than the steel sculpture in Mandaluyong.

Standing comfortably and confidently

The first sculpture is standing between two buildings and “wearing” a suit while the arms are tightly crossed. This can now be seen by anyone due to its height but is still surrounded by scaffoldings. Most probably, there are still final touches to be done.

Perching on a unique position

The second sculpture can be seen on top of the building in an unusual but creatively displayed position that seems like it is waving to the motorist. Its position is also like a half human body peeking outside a window, which makes this artwork unique since it is not common in other the buildings in the country.

The closest resemblance of this sculpture could be the Godzilla head at Shinjuku Toho Building in Tokyo, Japan, which is now a landmark and tourist attraction.

Another noticeable design is that the heads of both these giant sculptures resemble a globe wearing a headset. This symbolic artwork design will no doubt be appreciated by workers of the BPO sector, which now employs over 1.2 million highly skilled professionals.

A trivia here: The Philippines is home to almost a thousand BPO and call center firms. Since 1997, the industry has grown exponentially and we have become one of the leading go-to countries for business outsourcing from foreign companies all over the world. 

We have yet to know the interpretation and symbols of these new iconic steel sculptures. For sure, their unveiling is worth the wait. These would surely be eye candy as IG backdrops and TikTok backgrounds.

So, could this be the dawn of a new era of iconic and symbolic giant human-like steel sculptures in the Philippines? Are we now realizing the importance of art in making structures more meaningful and inviting? What do you think?

Note: Special thanks to Mark Anthony Gabay for sharing his photos.