Dreaming of what to eat in ECQ

Published August 12, 2021, 1:00 PM

by Sandy Daza

Lemon lime pie

We’re all back in ECQ. No place to go and nowhere to dine in. It makes me wonder how establishments will survive this. We hear of various struggles in businesses, decisions having to be made in Metro Manila and the provinces whether to take a chance and stay open or just cut losses and simply shut down. It’s understandable how a situation like this can leave us anxious. Backed on a wall, we should look up in prayer. It will definitely help.

Before this hard lockdown, I was blessed to try a few discoveries. I was blessed to have lunch at Wolfgang’s at the Podium! Outstanding humongous porterhouse steaks. With a slight drizzle of salt, the meat was tender, above delicious, and simply superb. With creamed spinach on the side and German potatoes, it has to be one of the best meals of the year. I have nightmares dining here once with a friend who was having this steak with ketchup. Oh well, to each his own.

I also discovered a lemon lime pie made by Lemonlime Manila. This is similar to a key lime pie that most of us are familiar with. Not too sweet, the crust has the perfect balance between the sourness and sweetness of the filling. Very well presented, it is also delicious! Visit LemonLime Manila at @lemonlime on Instagram or call or text 0917 580 9996.

Another discovery is Chef Kevin Uy and his Japanese burgers. Instead of using bread, he uses rice as his buns. I loved the longanisa burger and the shrimp burger with a black rice bun. Sauce is made with shrimp head aioli and avocado cream. Delicious and unique. His adlai risotto is also a winner, mushroom risotto with its usual creamy texture, heightened by the aromatic mushroom aroma and the tinge of grated cheese. Adlai is gaining popularity as it is a healthy substitute to rice. Very masarap! It has become a staple in my home as you eat less because it can be filling. Very good! @viajeby kev or 0917 702 1695.

Adlai risotto

Another item that brought a flashback is the best tasting bacon for me these days. I used to think all bacon tastes the same until I tried Winnies bacon. It is perfectly salty, crispy (when cooked properly), perfect for my family’s BLTS or Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Spam sandwich. I use the huge bread of UCC, Japanese mayo, then all the fillings. Winnie also makes slab bacon. Another recipe that reminded me of her slab is an Italian pasta called Amatriciana. Saute chopped onions, add white wine, and let it reduce, add cubed slab bacon and cook until almost crisp, add cubed canned tomatoes, simmer until it reduces a bit, season with salt and pepper, and add al dente cooked bucatini noodles. Add grated parmesan. Winner!

Another discovery is Chef Kevin Uy and his Japanese burgers. Instead of using bread, he uses rice as his buns.

Winnies Deli – (0918) 946 6438 | (0966) 801 6363

I love well-made dimsum. Dimsum is so common but only a handful makes it well. My foodie daughter Ali told me to try something she thought I might like. Would I write about it even if I didn’t like it? “Even if I love you so much, I will not for you!” I told her, but this I really enjoyed. Even before we started having the dimsum, we started preparing our sauces. I still had a bottle of superior Kikkoman soy sauce, which I buy every time I visit the factory in Hokkaido. I added chili garlic sauce and calamansi. Then I had my bottle of Thai sweet chili catsup. We got Hakaw or shrimp dimsum, pork siomai, and camaron rebusado. The hakaw was so good I wondered if they also flavored the wrapper. It was so tasty. Inside were cuts of shrimp and a well-balanced wrapper to the filling. Dipped in my sauce, panalo! The pork siomai was eqaually delicious! The meat was not ground but chopped. I prefer it this way. Very tasty and they were huge. I wouldn’t mind having this as my ulam. I’m sure, having it fried will work too. The camaron rebusado or rellenong hipon didn’t look that great but looks could be deceiving. I guess it had to be deep fried straight from the freezer. It was crispy, very flavorful, and also so delicious. Around my dining table, there are about seven of us sometimes and all are foodies. So I listen to all their comments and see if we’re all on the same page. We all are. You may order through their Instagram page @dimsumdaddy88 or 0917 562 0220.

I wonder what I’ll come across this week. I’ll keep you posted if I feel there’s something worth sharing! Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy!

Tip of the day: Best time to plan a diet is when you’re full. Kala mo gagawin mo.

Happy eating!