Telco giants DITO, Globe, and Smart allow convenient switching to mobile services

Telco giants of the country

DITO, Globe, and Smart are now united and currently working together with the government, to implement Mobile Number Portability (MNP) through a consortium by establishing Telecommunications Connectivity Incorporated (TCI) to monitor and supervise the MNP process through the help of Syniverse.

Telecommunication Connectivity Incorporated introduced on Thursday during a press briefing the logo of TCI that signifies the unity of all the country's major Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and announce the launch of MNP happening soon on the 30th of September.

TCI or Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. (TCI) is the joint venture company formed by DITO, Globe and Smart to enable number porting services in compliance with the Mobile Number Portability law. The TCI is the implementing arm for all activities between mobile service providers on one hand and the mobile number portability service provider (or the clearinghouse) on the other.

Mario Tamayo President of TCI and Senior Vice President of head and technology PLDT and Smart said, "There are two primary reasons why telco's kings came out with the TCI, first is to implement MNP and second to manage the MNP as free solution, hence the creation of TCI".

Mobile Network Portability is a process of allowing the mobile phone users to transfer to another service provider or change their subscription from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa without switching to new numbers. MNP grants Filipino’s freedom to switch to their mobile services provider conveniently without hesitation as stated in the Republic Act No. 11202.

The three major telcos invested over 120 million to the Mobile Number Portability project in full support of the environment and MNP Law for the subscribers to have a better experience and improve the lives of Filipinos to technology. Republic Act No. 11202, also known as the Mobile Number Portability Act, ensures that mobile phone users can keep their numbers even when they transfer to another service provider, or when they switch their subscription from postpaid to prepaid, or vice-versa.

Chief Administration Office, DITO Telecommunity, Adel Tamano said in a virtual press conference, "The entire telco industry and the Philippine Government are pushing for the same goals which is to provide Filipino with overall better telco services."

Tamayo added that "We maybe competitors in this industry but we have found a way to collaborate and ensure that we have the system in place to implement this policy and at the end of the day it's all about bringing the best service to customer."

TCI members also discuss the benefits of MNP. Some of it can create new opportunities and experience to the consumer; net gain to the country's economy; allowing customers to move across the subscription while letting them to retain in their original mobile numbers; can change their prepaid to postpaid and vice versa without porting fee - the process of porting out and porting in or changing networks happened only for about 48 hours; no limits of limits of changing work subscription; and enhance fairness competition among telecommunication operators and improve quality services.

Tamayo also mentioned that "We want to make sure that we can give the best solution to our services for the Filipino people, 'na gusto nating pagaanin ang buhay at pasimplehan ang proseso para sa bawat telco subscribers by giving the power of choice to MNP."

TCI General Manager Melany Manuel explained how fast the porting process is. According to her "It will only take 48 hours for a subscriber to port it into a new subscription, so all of that would happen within 48 hours. So, it's quite quick for a complex process to be completed for the three telcos, and of course by Syniverse. It will only take 48 hours and then you are already in a new network."

Syniverse was chosen by the Philippine mobile operators through a technical and commercial evaluation system to be the mobile number portability service provider (MNPSP). The company will bring in the technical infrastructure to fulfill its primary function as clearing house for the three telcos and ensuring smooth implementation of number porting services.

Manuel also elaborates that promo depends on the specific network, that once a subscriber is porting out, the customer can enjoy the promos of the network they’re porting in.

Bryan Lim Member of the Board of Directors TCI and Vice President for Product Innovation and Capability of Globe Telecom explained on how TCI will handle the Roaming Customers. "The process and proper handling are in place to ensure that whatever issues that come up, that our roaming customers are handled appropriately," Lim stated.

By the end of September, the joint forces of the three telcos, will give consumers an option to keep their mobile numbers permanently, even if they switch to and from their network provider or subscription. TCI will be coterminous with the implementation of mobile number portability. For as long as the law requires mobile number portability, TCI will continue to exist for the same reasons it was organized.