AUDIO JUNKIE: Femme feats

Published July 24, 2021, 5:41 PM

by Punch Liwanag

Singapore-based electro pop singer and songwriter Shye released a new single titled “ITIM.”

Short for I Think I Might, the song is a charging, upbeat number wherein the 19-year old music artist—who produces and releases her own material —plays with distorted tones in an electro-dance framework.

Shye first released her debut album “Augus7ine” (stylized Augustine) back in 2018. She has released a couple more singles including the electro pop sounding “999” of 2019, and the 14-track electronic collection “Days To Morning Glory,” (which includes the excellent “Sometimes”).

Then there’s the more recent “Not Rly” which goes into K-pop styled soundscapes.

Shye said that her new song is about “how we can drive ourselves crazy by overthinking. It embraces the sense of freedom that comes with being finally comfortable enough in your own skin to take chances and to take the wheel.”

A prolific artist with an impressive work ethic and with a tastemaker mentality that makes all of her output all the more accessible not only for her generation but outside of it as well. All this she creates within the confines of her bedroom makes her all the more admirable.

Camilla Cabello has a new Latin flavored party track titled “Don’t Go Yet.”  The video for the song, released a day ago as of this writing, has blown up to more than 3.2 million views. Proving that a spirited Latin-inspired dance track with an accompanying quirky music video will always be welcome.

The track shows off the “Havana” singer’s Mexican and Cuban roots and even features Cuban drummer Pedrito Martinez on percussion. “Don’t Go Yet” is another burgeoning pop track written by Camilla, Scott Harris (Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber) Grammy Award winning producer Ricky Reed and Mike Sabbath (Meghan Trainor, Lil Mix).

Camilla Cabello’s recent advocacy for body positivity got her some admiration when she said “I am grateful for this body that let’s me do what I need to do. We are real women with curves and cellulite and stretch marks and fat. And we got to own that, baby!”

Janine Teñoso released her first ever EP titled “Kwento Sa Silid” and has landed a hit as well with the Arthur Nery collab-track titled “Pelikula.” The classic pop-tinged “Pelikula” have resonated well with listeners whose tastes have been attuned to classic melodies updated with newer styles of neo-soul and vibey pop. Which is exactly what “Pelikula” is.

As for Janine’s first ever EP, the wait has been worth it. Janine has come far since her first attempt at writing her own song in 2017 with “Fall.” Some quick faves from her 5-song EP are “The Art Of Letting Go” which Janine co-wrote with This Band’s Euwie Von Loria. Then there’s the modern pop sounding tune “Ghosts In The Room.”

Janine’s sound since her “’Di Na Muli” hit have veered towards acoustic flavored pop ballads which her songs “Paano” and the recast “Umibig Muli”, which now feature Sam Concepcion, falls neatly into.

But as we’ve mentioned before, Janine Teñoso is all about the voice. You can ask Janine to sing whatever and her own style and tone will shine through. Style and identity are marks of what really makes a good singer.  

As for Janine, she said “I wrote these songs in my room during the first few months of the pandemic,” and added that “I’m really grateful to finally release (them). I’m glad that I get to share my own thoughts which my listeners can resonate well with.”