Tips to keep preschoolers constantly engaged for their first virtual class

Published July 22, 2021, 9:00 AM

by Len Amadora

Learning from home can be a challenging prospect for any parent, especially when preparing preschoolers for their online classes for the first time this year. While it can be difficult, the goal is to make sure that kids will have a space that is both fun and conducive to their learning, to keep them constantly engaged.

There’s still time to prepare as the school year starts either in August or September. Here are some tips to help all the parents out there make the transition less worrisome:

Find a good learning spot at home

The first step is to choose a dedicated learning spot that’s well away from the kids’ bedroom or play area. They can easily be distracted by toys, cartoons, and even gadgets which can affect their focus. The spot can either be on the dining table or in their parents’ office, as long as it’s clutter and noise-free.

Have a schedule and checklist ready

If the child’s class schedule is already available, simply jot it down on a whiteboard to keep track of their ongoing lessons and breaks. Have a visual checklist to keep track of their assignments, projects, and exams, and to help them focus once classes start.

Choose a laptop for online classes

HP Pavilion x360

Learning from home requires a multitasking laptop that can easily handle video conferencing, have enough space for modules, and still be able to entertain during breaks. A more than capable laptop like the HP Pavilion x360 would be a good choice for students. This flexible device runs with a powerful 10th generation Intel® Core processor, so it doesn’t slow down even when several applications are open, with long battery life for all-day use. It’s built with a Micro Edge display, an ultra-thin large screen that’s squeezed into a smaller frame, and a 360-degree hinge converting it to a tablet.

HP Pavilion x360

The laptop also has B&O dual speakers that give it a clear audio sound, giving kids the option to either use headphones or not while listening to their class. For assignments, parents can certainly access them with the pre-installed MS Word. They can also make homework fun and interactive alongside their kids by using the touchscreen and pen feature while on tablet mode.

Slowly ease kids into their new routine

Before the actual school year starts, it would be good to familiarize the kids with their learning space and how their online classes will go so they won’t get surprised by their up-and-coming new routine. It’s also important for parents to continuously assure them that they will be there to guide them before, during, and after classes.

With these preparation tips and a reliable laptop like the HP Pavilion x360 in place, parents can feel secure that all the bases are now covered, especially for a preschooler’s first online class experience. Given the laptop’s excellent specifications, it can be used for many years to come, making it a good investment for parents and properly arming the student with the right tools for learning, whether at home or in school.

The HP Pavilion x360 is available at any authorized resellers nationwide or visit the HP Lazada Flagship store.