Pop Star Meal, Bucket Papa, and Songbird Meal: Netizens create their dream fast food collab

Published June 22, 2021, 10:26 AM

by John Legaspi

After the fame of McDo’s BTS Meal, Filipino netizens are now demanding something more local

Photos from Rvinxtian

McDonald’s latest success, the BTS Meal, has indeed played a new game in the food industry. Not only do diners respond great on having superstars showcased in the campaign, they are also loving a specially curated meal inspired by their idols. In the case of the global fast food and the K-pop boy band’s collaboration, the unique touch can be seen on the new sauces and the packaging.

Its effect is so monumental in the country that some have wondered if the same thing can be done with our local artist. In true internet tradition, Pinoy netizens came up with their own superstar-fast food collaborations. And to be honest, we want to see them happen.

A now viral post of Gonzaga Bascuña Des presents an old internet photo presenting the Bucket Papa, a reimagined Jollibee fast food meal set inspired by beloved Filipina dance group Sexbomb. Bucket Papa’s dishes are named after some of the dance ensemble’s past hits and it even includes collectible tumblers inspired by their 2000s afternoon show “Daisy Siete.”

“This is the ultimate collab,” Gonzaga posted. “[It] comes with a free tub of Jolly Spaghetting Pababa and Halukay Ube Pie.”

Photo from Gonzaga Bascuña Des

Filipino graphic artist Rvinxtian created concept arts of Jollibee meals inspired by local female singers. First is the Pop Star Meal, a special menu set that singer Sarah Geronimo’s fans would definitely love. The meal features star-shaped nuggets called Tala nuggets, hailed from the late 2019 dance craze. Completing it are the Ikot-ikot twister fries and Coke Sarah to quench your thirst.

Rvinxtian’s second concept art pays homage to the OPM icon Regine Velasquez. Dubbed as the Songbird Meal, the meal set is all about Jollibee’s classic fried chicken, particularly the wings. The dish, called Crispy Wings of Love, is imagined to be paired with rice or French fries with a Coke float on the side.

Please, make these meal sets happen!