Introducing the beauty of blockchain technology through Drakons

Published May 19, 2021, 12:24 PM

by Enzo Luna

Blockchain is unquestionably an innovative creation of Satoshi Nakamoto. Although nobody knows whether Nakamoto is just a pseudonym of a person or a group of people, blockchain has evolved into something greater, and bigger than its initial purpose. Blockchain has provided both developers and end-users more than what meets the eye.


Among the great things that blockchain has brought to us are cryptocurrencies. They have been dominating the headlines for the past few years and have spurred the creation of various applications, among which are crypto collectibles or digital collectibles, referred to as “non-fungible tokens (NFTs).” NonFungible Tokens (NFTs) are used to identify something in a unique way.

Drakons.IO is one of the systems that took advantage of the power of cryptocurrencies by introducing its Drakons as non-fungible tokens or NFTs. These Drakons have value equivalent to an ERC-721 token or a regular cryptocurrency like the Ethereum coin. The Drakons.IO smart contract is built on the Ethereum blockchain which securely records all Drakons.IO transactions, implementing how to allow these NFTs to be managed, owned, and traded.

The Drakons created are beautiful, but they are also scarce. Once a Drakon is created there is only one copy of each existing in the blockchain. They cannot be duplicated, copied, or reproduced, and only represent one and only one Drakon asset in the blockchain.

Like real word collectibles like trading cards, jewelries, shoes, bags, paintings, and other treasures, a Drakon has value and may increase over time depending on many factors. A Drakon Master may be able to perform a lot of things such as siring, breeding and selling their Drakons via the secure blockchain transactions.

Given the opportunity to meet the founders behind Zynappse, the company that brought Drakons to life, we got the better understanding how this works.

Officially released in 2019, Drakons was not created to promote as purely investment platform but initially as a technology to introduce blockchain and to prove that cryptocurrency is not a scam. “The power of blockchain is truly something and we want, to be able to maximize its usage in the private and government sectors. There are no middlemen, no corruption,” said Cris Tagle, CEO, Zynappse Corporation.

Zynappse is a company that provides Information Technology (IT) solutions. The company’s IT development team is backed up by experienced management and industry consultants who are experts in aligning and merging technology and day-to-day operational requirements to achieve an efficient and effective system.

Zynappse is also a creator and developer of custom friendly applications in desktop, enterprise, and cloud computing technologies.

Drakons as crypto collectibles

The Drakons at Drakons.IO are also indestructible as they are forever stored on the Blockchain, giving owners a secure history of its trade, as well as any changes on its cryptocurrency values.

Drakon collectors may buy and own their Drakons according to the Basic Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, or by the different elemental gems: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Pearl. If you are planning to engage your Drakons in battle, better check out their battle statistics wisely. Each Drakon is unique with its own DNA signature that will not be duplicated within its environment.

Drakons can sire other Drakons in the market, or a Drakon Master can breed their own Drakons to sell with other players or users in Drakons. Since it is an ERC-721 token, the Drakons you are selling will also be available in other NFT marketplace like Opensea, Rarible, the like.

In layman’s term, Drakons are NFTs that can be acquired, collected, and grown to its full potential, increasing its powers to be able to sell in the future inside the Drakons’ world. This and other reasons why Drakons is exponentially growing in different countries around the globe.

“Based on statistics, we got hit by Indonesian members a couple of months ago. 27% of users are from Indonesia. 9% from USA and India. And there are more than 7% in the Philippines,” said Cris.

The popularity of Drakons can be attributed to the 6.54% users from Brazil who are creating YouTube tutorial videos. In fact, Drakons have been receiving new membership from Brazil every two minutes these past few days.

Battle Arena

Aside from their scarcity and indestructibility, Drakons.IO developed these Drakons to not just be a crypto collectible for collectors, but to utilize these Drakon NFTs into a gaming asset to also target the gamers through the introduction of the battle arena.

The Battle or Play Mode is for gamers to play, upgrade, train, and battle with Drakons anytime and anywhere using desktop and smartphones. In the future, there will also be a mobile application.

Players of Drakons.IO may choose their own avatars based on available Drakons user character, or they may also upload their own image for a more personal experience.

Cris mentioned that they are open to participate in open platforms that holds regular tournaments for them to increase their reach in the country. They also want to explore more channels to discover and promote NFT artists and collectors.

A Platform for Crypto Artists

“We discovered that there are more artists that can develop NFTs. We will setup a marketplace for NFT artists inside Drakons in the upcoming future. We envision a collaboration between artists and gamers inside the Drakon world. Drakons.IO is a crypto collectible and a game site, but we want to raise it to another level by also making it a platform for Crypto Artists to showcase their NFT creations. We realized the importance of artwork in creating a realistic and enjoyable experience inside a game, and likewise, how important they are to collectors. We will open Drakons to Crypto Artists to collaborate with us in the creation of NFTs and other Drakon Assets which they can sell separately as a crypto art in other platforms while giving it life in Drakons as a game asset,” added Cris.

To know more about Drakons, visit to see these limited edition Drakons to battle and conquer the world as Drakon Masters.