Cocktail ice cream, anyone? Check out this delicious summer treat

Published May 19, 2021, 12:45 PM

by John Legaspi

Merry Moo and Run Rabbit Run craft Floppy Ears cocktail ice cream

The Floppy Ears cocktail ice cream

While working from home has saved us from waking up hours ahead of work, our hectic morning commute, and, of course the pandemic, it has also given us another set of problems. Some are stressed about their internet connection, others are in a constant battle with procrastination. But what many of us cannot escape is the unbearable heat brought by the season.

Saying that it is hot in the Philippines during summer is an understatement. The right word for it is hellish! This situation definitely made everyone miss the office AC. While we cannot easily install AC in our own place (just think of your Meralco bill), we found a perfect antidote that will cool you down and make your summer afternoon, well, like you’re on a cabana.

Homegrown ice cream brand Merry Moo and local bar Run Rabbit Run collaborate to bring the perfect summer treat, merging the cool ice cream with a refreshing cocktail. Introducing the Floppy Ears cocktail ice cream, a chilled treat filled with fragrant notes infused in velvety ice cream that will definitely leave wanting for more.

“Based on our signature best seller cocktail, Floppy Ears, it has been shaken and churned into Merry Moo’s undeniably smooth, delicious ice cream to bring you a refreshing and exciting flavor that’ll have you wanting for more,” Run Rabbit Run posted. “The summer ice cream of our dreams, indeed.”

According to Merry Moo, the collaboration started when the ice cream brand’s founders tried the bar’s to-go cocktail set and fell in love with the Floppy Ears cocktail.

It’s no longer news to many that the pandemic has pushed restaurants and bars to shut their doors. In order to keep their business afloat, many relied on delivery food service, making food products fit for takeout. And among the first to release a DIY cocktail set is Run Rabbit Run.


“They (Merry Moo founders) knew that they had to turn it into an ice cream flavor and share the same joyful experience with others,” the ice cream brand posted. “So they reached out to Run Rabbit Run who were just as excited to turn the vision to reality. And so began the process of creating the ultimate cocktail ice cream.”

After months of testing, the Floppy Ears cocktail ice cream was launched early in May 2021. It features basil, lemon, and cucumber flavors with floral notes of elderflower liqueur.

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