Dennis Padilla on failed marriage with Marjorie Barretto: ‘I’m the one to blame’

Published May 3, 2021, 12:21 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Dennis Padilla

Dennis Padilla has acknowledged his shortcomings on his failed relationship with former wife actress Marjorie Barretto.

On the vlog of his eldest daughter Julia Barretto, the 60-year-old actor admitted his mistakes when his daughter asked him about his greatest takeaway from his separation with her mom.

According to Dennis, their romance got rocky because of his attitude and temper.

When he was tested positive for COVID-19, the actor experienced a flashback of his experiences.

“I’m the one to be blame. Walang kasalanan ang nanay mo,” said Dennis.

Julia then expressed admiration to her father’s “bravery” for recognizing his mistakes.

Marjorie Barretto (left) and Julia Barretto

“I appreciate your courage to owe up what you feel is your shortcomings,” she said.

“And your COVID-19 journey sort of put a lot of things into perspective for you, and because of that, you brought a lot of forgiveness.”

Julia thinks one of the most important things in life, and with the people and their loved ones, is being able to forgive one another and appreciate it.

“Because you know how much I love mom. How protective I am of her. So I really appreciate hearing all these things,” she said.

In the same vlog, Julia also recalled her past feud with Dennis and how they reconciled.