ALL’S WELL: Julia Barretto recalls feud with father Dennis Padilla

Published May 2, 2021, 7:38 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Julia Barretto and Dennis Padilla

Actress Julia Barretto candidly recalled her falling-out with her father actor Dennis Padilla several years ago.

It happened when Dennis opened up about the past with his daughter on her vlog recently.

“Today, I am going to be sharing something very intimate and very personal to me,” Julia started.

Then she introduced her father and thanked him for appearing on her vlog.

“I’m so excited about this conversation because I don’t think we’ve had a lot of conversations like this – wherein I ask you questions about being an actor, being a dad, talking about our relationship. So I’m really looking forward to asking you questions that I’ve never asked you before. Are you ready?”

Among the questions asked was the greatest lesson Dennis learned from his past misunderstandings.

Dennis, 60, said that he should have listened first when Julia decided to change her surname.

“Wag muna makialam. Alamin muna puno’t dulo,” he said.

Dennis admitted he was frustrated then because he couldn’t reach his children and verify the news himself.

He pointed out that more than the family name, the fact that his eldest with Marjorie Barretto wanted to drop his surname really broke his heart.

“That was a dagger. It’s not the pangalan. That’s my blood kaya masakit,” revealed Dennis, adding that he just allowed Julia to use her mother’s maiden name for her screen name.

Julia said that she and her mom Marjorie were trying to correct the mistake of her father. The marriage of Marjorie and Dennis were null and void because it was “bigamous.” And that Julia is an “illegitimate” child after she was conceived and born outside a valid marriage.

“When you signed those papers to make your marriage with mom null and void, ultimately, that makes us illegitimate children. So we were trying to correct your mistakes,” she said. “But I think one of your frustrations is you think you weren’t able to communicate what you wanted.”

Julia said that she’s happy to see that her father’s mind and heart in a good place these days.

“But before, you always question nobody responding not knowing how much pain and hurt you’ve caused us before, trying to talk to us. That’s why you couldn’t hear from us. Because at that point we were already too pained, too scared of you.”

Julia thought that his father then was not in his best tone which “scarred,” “traumatized,” and “scared” her.

Despite the “painful” words and actions, she still fought hard to keep their relationship as father and daughter, Julia said.

“All is well and forgiven now. I’m so glad you have a good relationship with all of your kids. So proud of you because I saw the change of heart after your journey with COVID-19,” she said.

Julia also asked Dennis what legacy he wanted to leave his children.

“Gusto ko lang matandaan niyo ako na mapagmahal akong tatay. And ipaglalaban ko kayo kahit sa kamatayan.”

“Promise yan ha?” said Julia.

Watch the full vlog: