Kris Aquino’s son Bimby on his sexual preference

Published April 24, 2021, 10:30 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

The 14-year-old was asked by his mother Kris Aquino about it recently.

Kris’ question went, “How do you feel, honestly, when you read those comments and they say you’re gay?”

Bimby replied, “I just feel like ‘Oh sige, if you think I’m gay, alright dude.’ But you do realize that the gay community sa Philippines is a strong community. And you do realize that I’m 14?” 

The teen maintained he is not at all bothered about it because he knows himself.

“I’m straight as an arrow,” he declared. 

Kris asked, “Are you sure?”

Bimby firmly answered back: “Yes!”

Kris then explained she just wanted him to admit it to her if he is actually gay.

“I really don’t care, honestly. Whatever you choose to be, it will be fine with me for as long as you excel… You better be the best at the profession you choose,” she said.

But the former Queen of All Media went on to pump Bimby anew if he ever questioned his sexuality. 

“No, not at all… I love girls,” Bimby reiterated.

“Here, I’ll set the record straight. I’m straight. I like women. I don’t like boys.”

Kris then assured her son that whatever he chooses to be, it’s none of people’s business.

But Bimby believes everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they think about him, just as long as they don’t attack him.

“If you say, ‘I think Bimb is gay,’ I’ll respect that. I’ll say, ‘No, I’m not gay.’ But if you say, ‘Uy, Beki si Bimb, kadiri!’ That’s wrong,” he related. “As long as you debate with someone at may respeto ka sa tao, okay lang, sure. If you have different opinions, okay lang ‘yan, sure.”

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