Kris Aquino on her marriage to James Yap: ‘I wanted it to work…’

Published April 23, 2021, 6:04 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

In a rare instance, Kris Aquino opened up on her marriage to basketball player James Yap.

In fact, she went all out in a heart-to-heart interview with their son, Bimby, who recently turned 14. 

Bimby asked, “What did you think when you married my dad?”

“Honestly, I just took the jump. As in, leap of faith,” Kris said. “Maybe I had that hang-up, because the first two serious relationships… The dad of your Kuya was not yet annulled, and the next one was also not annulled.”

Then she went on that what made James “special” was the trust he gave her, once relating something so secret.

“I don’t want to dwell on it because it’s so way back in the past, and I think the people involved there should be allowed to have their privacy. But I was impressed kasi he did not wait for me to hear about it from other people, or read about it in the tabloids.”

But then she noted James was also very young at that time.

“I think I was at place naman na I felt I wanted to be married. I was 34, your dad was 11 years younger. I thought it could work. I honestly thought it could work, not realizing he was too young. We really came from two very different worlds. But I wanted it to work,” she said.

Kris then quipped that people should never go out with someone who tells them they’re their childhood crush.

Apparently, James told her she was his “childhood crush.”

Despite this, the Queen of All Media clarified that after enough time has passed, she now felt so “grateful” because without James there would be no Bimby in her life.