Innovative business solutions from this rising Filipino start up open doors for livelihood

Published April 20, 2021, 7:33 AM

by Len Amadora

Difficult times make strong people. It is something that Filipinos are very familiar with. They learn to adapt, be hopeful, and ultimately pivot to champion over challenges. Just like proudly-Filipino startup, Dingdong®️.

During the pandemic, actor, philanthropist and entrepreneur Dingdong Dantes has managed to launch a full-service tech-solutions company that seeks not only to innovatively address everyday needs, but also provide livelihood to Filipinos.

Dingdong Delivers 

It all started with a delicate flower arrangement that needed to be delivered on time and undamaged. In 2019, Dantes’ wife, actress Marian Rivera-Dantes, needed help in delivering flowers for her shop, Flora Vida. But since the product was meant for a family friend, Dingdong Dantes decided to step up and do the delivery himself. He recalled how he handled the package with utmost care and mindfulness that it sparked the idea for Dingdong®.

A year later, Dantes, together with a collective of friends who would eventually become his business partners, decided to pursue the idea and provide last-mile delivery service and technology solutions to individuals, businesses, and communities. 

In partnership with the leading software enterprise solutions company, PLDT-backed, Multisys Technologies Corporation led by David Almirol Jr., Dantes started his new venture, Dingdong®️, with “professional malasakit” at the core of its purpose. Dingdong®️ brings the Filipino value of malasakit by considering the business workflow and pain points encountered by all stakeholders: merchants, riders, and customers. 

“As Dingdong®️ evolved, we realized we could do more than professionalizing riders and empowering merchants,” says Dantes. “By offering a web of solutions that is user-friendly and efficient, we enable more businesses and create more jobs, transforming lives through technology and excellent service on a much larger scale.” 

Innovative Business Solutions for All

Having gone through the experience of delivering packages to clients, Dantes has a better understanding of what it takes to do the job well, providing the best service needs to all customers.

This quality service doesn’t just apply to taking precious care of the packages being delivered. It is also applicable to businesses who rely on services that will keep their operations efficiently running by addressing lack of automation, difficulty in promoting, and selling products online, as well as rider welfare concerns.

By providing innovative and relevant e-commerce and delivery solutions through comprehensive, but user-friendly platforms for business owners and riders, Dingdong® empowers businesses by eliminating the need to book a third-party supplier to have orders delivered from the marketplace, and help entrepreneurs gain more control over their business through its Dingdong® Delivery and Dingdong® E-Commerce solutions.

Dingdong® Delivery

Through Dingdong® Delivery, companies have access to a web- and app-based pick-up and delivery tool that it can use for on-demand and pre-booked deliveries using Dingdong® Riders or the company’s own rider fleet. Dingdong® Delivery also comes with user-friendly tools that allow real-time management of riders by providing tracking data on delivery status, estimated times, traffic, and rider location.

Dingdong® Riders are also required to undergo holistic training that covers work-specific skills like road safety, first aid and proper food handling, and life-enhancement skills like financial management and spiritual fortitude. Dingdong® also provides rider training programs for other companies, not only to ensure the rider’s safety and to professionalize them, but also to encourage the culture of malasakit in the industry.

Dingdong® E-Commerce

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. Dingdong® E-Commerce enables all entrepreneurs to promote and sell products in an online marketplace with user- friendly tools that automate the management of products, inventory, and orders.

Dingdong® E-Commerce also allows companies and businesses to aggregate with other merchants in a unified digital marketplace. Committed to becoming the leading and most trusted e-commerce platform, and impacting the communities it serves through technology, Dingdong® E-Commerce provides auxiliary training in general business topics like branding, accounting, taxes, and product-specific topics.

“I recognize that my first business venture is show business, and my strength lies in telling stories and realities through my craft. This time, with Dingdong®, I will be able to share stories of our merchants, who we intend to grow with; our riders, who we want to uplift and professionalize; and our consumers, who have been more discerning because of the new normal,” Dantes said.

As a platform that unifies the online marketplace with logistics, Dingdong® positions itself as a new player ready to take on the giants with a simple asset: “professional malasakit” and convenience for all stakeholders.

“There’s an opportunity here to fill the business gaps that I myself as a businessman has experienced,” says Dantes. “And Dingdong® can play a big role in filling those gaps.”

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