After winning the west, hit indie-rock band Wolf Alice eyes Asia next

Published April 16, 2021, 6:31 AM

by Punch Liwanag

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice is the next big band from the U.K. in case you haven’t heard.

Singer-guitarist Ellie Rowsell, guitarist Joff Oddie, bassist Theo Ellis and drummer Joel Amey have already cornered the UK and North America.

Bulletin Entertainment interviewed Wolf Alice and started by asking how the band won the west so to speak, and what they did right that contributed to their current success. To this, drummer and singer Joey Amey answered, “I think for the success in the UK, it came from us just playing continuously for at least the first two years before anyone kind of knew who we were I think, and just being in a band together.  It was quite the D.I.Y. operation at that stage. And everything we made we just kept putting back into the band. And we were just touring and touring, going to wherever who will have us and we were very lucky the press in the UK was kind to us, definitely.”  

He also added: “I also don’t think we really had any severe pressures from outside sources to build our first record until it all felt right and ultimately, it gave us a really strong standing for having a first record which then took us to the states, that led unto “Visions Of A Life” (album) and It was all kinda a domino effect I think.”

“But many of those early days was very important building a fanbase in a super organic way,” emphasized Amey.

With a new single released and more coming soon, the band is now eyeing Asia. “We’d love to tour Asia,” exclaims the drummer. “We’d done some shows in Asia. We managed to get into some bucket-list places, so now we want to get to places we haven’t been which should be great.”

“Pandemic permitting, it would be great to be bring the same show that we hopefully we’d be touring in the UK over to Asia. I think it would be the dream to go everywhere in Asia.”

The latest single “Last Man On Earth,” seem an indication of Wolf Alice’s current mood and lead singer Ellie Rowsell confirms it. But though brooding with this single, Rowsell explains that there’s more colors to the upcoming album.  “I think pensive is a good word for the album. I think when you’re writing songs, or when I write songs, you are naturally a bit pensive. But I wouldn’t say it’s all moody. Most of our albums end a little more hopeful so people won’t be left miserable at the end of it. So, yeah, (the upcoming album) definitely got some playful moments. There’s even some kind of funny moments, you know? So yes, it’s no one thing.”

During a press interview, the band along with their label previewed songs from the new record. Amey pointed out that new songs such as “How Can I Make It Ok?,” “No Hard Feelings,” “The Alien Passage Of The Beach,” and “Smile” all give the band a sense of excitement. “It’s got really a great sense of sonics and a great sense of songwriting which is kinda the two coolest things about music really. Sounds and sentiment. And this album got lots of that.”     

Wolf Alice is set to release their new album on June 11, 2021 under the UK label Dirty Hit.