A new online-only pharmacy and health platform

Published April 15, 2021, 7:11 AM

by Len Amadora

A handful of the country’s top eCommerce executives recently consolidated to establish Mediclick PH, a new online-only pharmacy and health platform that aims to make the shift to online medicine as comprehensive and convenient as possible.

“The current pandemic has dramatically changed the way we go about our daily business. Some of the most affected are those who need medicine, whether for maintenance, serious conditions, or general wellness,” noted Tina Sabarre, founder and CEO of Mediclick PH. “While other local pharmacies offer online retail services, there are still apparent customer adversities when it comes to fulfilling pharmaceutical needs remotely and efficiently,” she added.

At present, the Philippine pharmaceutical retail sector is dominated by large drugstore chains that have physical stores across the country. Accordingly, over 99% of consumer sales are off-line, in-store transactions.

Mediclick PH hopes to encourage more customers, especially those who are unable to go out due to quarantine restrictions, to purchase their supplements and medicine through online means. “We are confident that our vast experience and expertise in eCommerce will provide our  customers with the most seamless online pharmacy experience,” Sabarre emphasized.

Sabarre is the former country manager of Luxasia, and former country retail director of Johnson & Johnson. She is backed by angel investors and e-commerce luminaries such as Paulo Campos, eCommerce pioneer and founder of Zalora Philippines; Constantin Robertz, co-founder of Locad and former Zalora managing director, formerly Entrego and Rocket Internet; and JM Aujero, former VP of MYNT and Chief Sales Officer of BPI Direct BanKo.

Also backing Mediclick PH is IP-Biotech Inc., a thought-leader in the local pharmaceutical and biological sector. IP-Biotech recently helped to bring in much needed COVID19 vaccines into the Philippines, including Coronavac (Sinovac), with more pharmaceutical solutions in the pipeline.

“We see the convergence of first principles with Mediclick,” said IP-Biotech Chairman Enrique Gonzalez. “Mediclick is led by a strong team with both e-commerce and pharmaceutical experience, perfect timing in solving a major pain point for consumers, and innovation in the regulatory environment allowing online pharma. We believe Mediclick has the potential to become one of leading eCommerce players in the country,” he added.”

Currently, Mediclick PH provides online shopping and delivery of medicines, but according to Sabarre, their vision for the platform extends beyond this service. “Our ability to get data and build analytics around it will allow us to move towards a more customized service for the patients and consumers,” Sabarre explained. “We are looking at a future where our platform can integrate seamlessly with the telehealth revolution and collaborate with other health tech companies that can provide more specialized healthcare solutions for the patient. Mediclick will then close the loop and fulfill the prescriptions or health protocols that the patient may need,” she concluded.

For more information on Mediclick PH and their products and services, visit their website at https://mediclick.ph.