Jake Cuenca explains proposal prank on GF Kylie Verzosa

Published February 26, 2021, 7:00 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Jake Cuenca was quick to defend himself after some netizens called him out for his “insensitive” proposal joke to his girlfriend Kylie Verzosa.

It all started with the hunk actor uploading a short clip of their Palawan date Valentine’s week.

In there, Jake could be heard saying to Kylie: “So I prepared this because I just want to ask you one thing. So here it goes…”

Kylie looked only too excited until Jake went on to say: “Kumain ka na ba?”

Though both were seen laughing, Kylie was evidently affected.

When Jake asked if she liked the sweet dinner set-up, she replied with: “Super! Except you!”

Many women expressed dismay about it.

“For most ladies, that was a bad joke. Don’t do that again please,” one wrote.

But Jake pointed out they are not like the most couple. 

“We get each other and we get the timing of things. When the time is right and the timing is our. I will not hesitate to ask,” he added.

Netizens reminded Jake to not “play” with people’s feelings.

Growled a fan, “Grow up Jake!”

Others even encouraged Kylie to split up with the actor.

“@juancarloscuenca I wish Kylie is no longer available when the right timing comes for you,” an online user commented.

“@juancarloscuenca you’re overdue. Lol someone will take her away from you ….n you’ll regret it,” another added.

Some reiterated that the beauty queen-turned-actress might be smiling, but deep inside she was expecting a proposal.

Kylie, on her part, only reacted to the post with emojis.