Go Shopping Philippines: For better and safer online transactions

Published February 26, 2021, 9:14 AM

by Enzo Luna

The first Digital Mall in Asia – Go Shopping Philippines was launched this week and it aims to challenge the current e-commerce platforms available in the country. 

 Neil La-as, Chief Executive Officer of Go Shopping Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic totally changed the way Filipinos shop or make purchases. When before it was about taking a trip to the nearest mall or department store, the idea of being struck by an unseen virus drove fear into the hearts of many Filipinos.

Good thing that merchants stepped up and went digital to provide services to customers who can’t go out. By going online, many existing and aspiring small businesses were able to survive and provide for the shopping needs of Filipinos.

The negative scenarios of online shopping struck a chord on Neil La-as, Chief Executive Officer of Go Shopping Philippines, so he decided to establish a shopping platform that will make every Filipino’s shopping experience truly exceptional, safe, secure, and satisfying.

“What better way than to create our own? A truly Filipino e-commerce platform that serves us the way we want to be served… and more! Now imagine a fully virtual shopping platform, a fully digital mall, as simple as that. An online space where you can experience all the perks of a physical mall, within reach in the palm of your hands. Imagine a click and you can purchase your favorite blouse, a swipe and you are brought to the cinema, scroll and you can reserve at your preferred restaurant and hotel, press and you can reach your doctor for an appointment, all without falling in line. As many as the combinations your hands can make, the possibilities are endless. This is not your ordinary online shopping check-out app. Go Shopping Philippines is your mall away from the mall. You not only shop in one destination, but you also shop the whole Philippines,” said La-as during his speech at the launch held at Matrix Creation Events Venue in Quezon City last February 24, 2021.

Merchants and online consumers will experience new dimensions of online shopping and services that Go Shopping will offer.  This platform secures both merchants and online consumers the authenticity of each product available in the platform.  From Fashion to Specialty Stores to Food and Beverages to Services, Go Shopping Philippines has it all for everybody.

“Consumers rely on quality experience, products, and services when interacting with a site. Just as in a physical mall, safety is number 1. The foundation of success in the digital world is having the proper cybersecurity measures in place to protect consumers, employees, and the business itself from constant threats. We will ensure safety for our tenants and our Go-Shoppers.  To set these in action, we have partnered and collaborated with one of the best in web development, we took the time to research consumer behavior, and immersed ourselves in identifying what works in user experience. In Go Shopping Philippines, we scrutinize brands and the legitimacy of their products so you can forget about forfeit items,” La-as added.

Go Shopping Philippines is designed to be the most flexible and secure e-commerce system environment available today. Backed up by AWS cloud computing solutions, Lorenz Escurel Buizon, Director, LB TekSystems IT Services (GEP Solutions Company) confirmed La-as statement on how Go Shopping merchants and consumers will be able to use the platform in a safe and secure system. GEP is a leading global provider of consulting, outsourcing and technology with unified business solutions of unprecedented scale, power, and effectiveness. GEP has the insight, expertise, and tools to create and implement effective strategies that deliver tangible, sustainable results.

“We have all the necessary measure to protect data privacy of our subscribers and merchants,” said Buizon as his response to Art Samaniego, Jr., Business and Technology Editor of Manila Bulletin’s question about the integrity of the data security of the first digital mall in the Philippines.

Buizon assured everyone that Go Shopping’s IT infrastructure is protected and secured with multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of Go Shoppers.

What makes this platform even more interesting is its strong collaboration with Philippine Department of Tourism and Department of Trade and Industry.  Go Shopping Philippines will highlight Philippine local destinations where online buyers can immediately book their hotels and at the same time shop in the regional stores we have outlined in the platform.  Further to this, Go Shopping Philippines collaborates with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by giving them an avenue to showcase/display their unique product lines through this amazing and state of the art e-commerce platform.  

“While we value the presence of large brands, we also welcome MSMEs with open arms. After all, what is an original Filipino e-commerce platform without original local products? With Go Shopping Philippines, we will transcend borders and bring those spaces to you. You can shop in Manila, the US, and back to Mindanao without leaving your home, where you are safe and secure, no traffic, long lines, and with a totally worry-free shopping you can only experience with us,” said La-as.

For more details about Go Shopping Philippines, visit https://www.facebook.com/PHGoShopping.