THRILLMAKER: What the Metal Ox holds for Rabiya, Duterte and even ABS CBN

Published February 14, 2021, 7:10 AM

by Joee Guilas

Rabiya Mateo

Before we all said goodbye to the Year of the Metal Rat and welcomed the Year of the Metal Ox last Friday, Resorts World Manila mounted an interesting online Chinese Astrology Forecast Show, which viewers found to be really interesting.   

Not only did it give them a glimpse of what’s to come for their respective signs this 2021, it also provided some clues to what the stars say will be the answers to some of their most curious questions: “Will the country have its 5th Miss Universe crown this year?” “How will our political leadership be like in 2021?” “Will we finally see an ABSCBN comeback in the Year of the Ox?”

Feng Shui Writer and Consultant Jeane Yu-Chua provided the answers to these questions and more through her readings and here’s what we got:

RABIYA MATEO – Year of the Fire Rat (Nov 14, 1996).  This year, the fire rat has some lucky stars and intelligence stars.  Pwedeng gamitin ni Rabiya yun to excel on her intellectual or logical thinking.  In terms of the career na gagawin nya this 2021, it should be more on connecting with people.  Friends ang Rat at Ox, so marami din syang support ng friends to give motivation and encouragement to pursue kung ano yung mga gusto nyang gawin.  Also, avoid nya lang ma-over stress and over thinking, kasi nasa kanya rin ang illness star.  Once it gets into her, she will become negative and emotionally imbalanced.  She must avoid that kind of an energy and must focus on whatever she wants to pursue.  She can achieve self-promotion and self-growth this year and will do really well especially with the help of social media.

PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE – Year of the Wood Rooster (March 28, 1945).  He will utilize his natural gifts for planning and strategizing more this year to make his leadership even more powerful.  He will be delegating more of his day to day decisions to his trusted people para magkaroon sya ng mas maraming achievements this year.  For this year, his major concerns will be on his health.   His health may weaken especially when it comes to head aches and lung problems or even lack of energy.  Given that, he must learn to ensure balance in the use of his time and should avoid work-related stress, which he can do by delegating well.  This is going to be a lucky year for him especially in the area of connecting people.  He will get a lot of support from friends, both financial and networking support.

VICE PRESIDENT LENI ROBREDO – Year of the Wood Snake (April 23, 1965). The snake also enjoys an affinity with the Ox.  Marami din syang makukuhang energy this year pero she will face a lot of challenges this year.  He challenges will be on the Quarrel Star, people may misunderstand her good intentions.  Statements she will say, might be taken negatively and might attract bashers.  She must be extra careful with her actions and thinking, especially in her communications with people.  She must also be cautious when it comes to her health because wood snakes will also face weakness.   She will be weak in that area this year, and must pay special attention to those that are related to her stomach or gastro problems.  She must find some time for rest.

ABS-CBN CORPORATION – Year of the Water Snake (est. October 1953).  There is a possibility for another chance and for changes.  It’s not exactly a case of the station remaining as ABS-CBN, it can be a new thing.  A new idea might come up.  Maybe a new logo or a new system, which can bring in greater competitiveness for the group.  This year, they can have a new opportunity to start up.  It will have good support from the people.  It must implement changes to experience revival.