Joee Guilas

THRILLMAKER: A Night in the Ball

The just-concluded season opener of this year’s Pride Celebration was a huge success.  Not only was the launch of the Manila Pride Ball well-attended, based on the venue’s overflow crowd and on the personalities and celebrities who came out as allies supporting the event, but it also drove home the message of acceptance and equity that the LGBTQIA plus community has long been fighting for.

THRILLMAKER: A star-studded gala

The halls of the Newport Performing Theater were recently lit up, not just literally, with the stage lights on, but figuratively, with stars and celebrities gracing a special staging of the come-backing musical “Ang Huling El Bimbo.”

THRILLMAKER: Misters of Filipinas a la PBB

The Misters of Filipinas Organization has always been known for its creativity and continued self-reinvention year after year after year.  Not surprisingly, it has survived even the test of a challenging pandemic and is now prepping for the staging of its 10th edition slated later this year.

THRILLMAKER: BLIND ITEM - Clubbing actor snubs fans

There’s really nothing new to this story.  Surely, no one will be surprised reading about this incident, especially since it involves this actor who is not only rumored to be brusque on the outside but a softie on the inside but also for being hard to deal with.  From what had been reported in the media, he was even dropped by his former manager after their relationship turned sour and has become a case only the courts can decide on—also on account of his bad temper.