VIRAL: Proposed ‘Tililing’ movie poster by ADSP

Published February 9, 2021, 1:27 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

After the movie poster for Tililing came out, and it not sitting well with actress Liza Soberano, Anxiety and Depression Support Philippines (ADSP) made a comprehensive statement in their Facebook page. It also included a proposed ‘Tililing” movie poster with regular facial expressions on everyday people.

Photo taken from ASDP Facebook page

“We can’t judge the movie if we haven’t seen it yet. Let us just hope that it’s done tastefully. The thing is, the poster is problematic,” said the post. “Even us patients and the professionals don’t use this word. Even the government is careful in addressing people with mental health struggles. Huwag natin pausuhin (Let’s not make this trend).”

The group also pointed out that we might not even know who is going through mental health issues. “They are the happiest ones in a group of friends, the breadwinner of the family, the boss of the company, and the best student in school.”

The group understands the possible marketing reasons for this poster. “Again, the poster is problematic but that’s a good marketing tactic. Do understand na for the sake of publicity, most people will do everything for marketing. Wala silang intensyon manakit, ang intensyon nila ay bumenta. Nung inisip yung poster, siyempre ang inisip nila ay kung paano magiging catchy at mapansin. Hindi nila inisip na kung may matatapakan ba or accurate ba.”

But at the end of the day, they are looking forward to the best intentions of the movie. “Exciting yan! Sana may guidance ng mga eksperto para pasok talaga sa banga lalo kung para sa mental health awareness ito. If not.. oh well, that’s showbiz.”