Burger King drops ‘Black and Pink’ burgers for love month

Published February 5, 2021, 10:53 AM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Attention Blinks, this is not a drill! Burger King Thailand just dropped their ‘Black and Pink’ burgers.

In a post now circulating on social media, fast food joint Burger King (BK) Thailand unveiled their newest burger offering—the Black and Pink variants. 

Served in naturally-colored black buns, the Black Double Grilled Onion Burger has two succulent patties housing two melting cheese slices made even tastier by its special burger sauce and grilled onion. Meanwhile, Pink Salmon Burger is made with deep-fried salmon fillet coated with crispy breaded texture top with thick cheese and special rich sauce. Just like the black one, its buns are naturally-colored in pink. 

But are these burgers a new endorsement deal for South Korean girl group Blackpink? The answer is an astounding no. According to Destination Thailand, the limited-edition BK burgers are the company’s campaign for the festival of love this February.

Black Double Grilled Onion Burger is for the singles, while the pink one is for the lovers. This variant will be available in BK’s branches in Thailand from Feb. 2 to 28, 2021. 

Looking back, this is not the first time BK has been witty in anchoring to BlackPink’s hype in their campaigns. In 2019, BK Philippines dropped a witty K-Pop ad and phone delivery hotline. 

When that flame-grilled burger craving hits #LikeAKing, you just need to hit it with that # 22-22-2! Order na sa BK in your area. 😉

Posted by Burger King Philippines on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

With the caption “When that flame-grilled burger craving hits #LikeAKing, you just need to hit it with that #22-22-2,”one can easily trace that this is in reference to the group’s song titled “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.”

In the lower part of their poster, a line “BK in you area” was written, posing as another reference to Blackpink’s iconic line “Blackpink in your area.”