Here’s how you can make the famous bacsilog at home

Published February 3, 2021, 4:54 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s to a cheesy breakfast, lunch, and dinner

For years, Filipinos find comfort when eating the traditional breakfast silog. Its popularity is so great that the dish became the choice of meal that extended to both lunch and dinner. What’s great about the combo meal is its ability to be customized to the diner’s preference as well. Apart from the usual tocino, logganisa, and tapa, the garlic rice and sunny side up egg are also now paired with fried bangus (milkfish), embutido, and, an American twist, bacon.

That is what local food brand Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is known for, creating a new silog experience that is delicious and on-the-go. But what makes its silog truly delectable is the inclusion of rich cheese sauce. Now, if you’re among the avid diners that miss its friendly kiosks or just curious on what the silog-cheese sauce pairing tastes like, you’re in luck because we found a recipe you can do in your own kitchen.

Franz Valencerina, a devout foodie, shares her take on bacsilog and other fast food favorites on her TikTok. Better prepare your cheese, milk, bacon, and eggs as her take on bacsilog will instantly make you crave for one.

Video from @franziee_v

But in case you are wondering, Ate Rica’s Bacsilog is also available on Grabfood and Foodpanda. So if your kitchen exploration didn’t go exactly as you plan it, it is safe to know Ate Rica is just a click away!