VIDEO: Good food with a side of hugot? This Filipina TikTok creator serves just that

Published January 19, 2021, 10:54 AM

by John Legaspi

Hopeless romantics can surely relate to this

Photo from @mamayamaura on Tiktok

Whenever our hearts are broken, we can always expect food, aside from our friends and tequilas, to give us the comfort we need. Having good food and spending time in the kitchen are always the best ways to get through emotional times.

Through these experiences we become more productive and make the case of moving forward with life an easy and tasty endeavor. And it seems like one Filipina content creator takes her blues away by cooking up some passionate dishes over at TikTok.

Meet @mamayamaura of Mama Yum’s Kitchen Hugots! This TikToker is a stand out not just for her delicious culinary creations, but also for her way of sharing her recipes, which reads like a dramatic sequence in a romantic flick.

But don’t be quick on emptying that tissue box just yet. Her TikTok posts may bring some tears, but her recipes won’t. Turns out, @mamayamaura has a knack for preparing international cuisines and also innovating classic Filipino dishes.

From her oatmeal palabok arroz caldo and sinigang na salmon belly risotto to her take on the fast food favorite ultimate burger steak, a scroll on her TikTok feed is worthy of revisiting those love wounds.

We’re not crying here, you are!

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