Shag cake is the grooviest baking trend you must try

Published January 19, 2021, 10:59 AM

by John Legaspi

It’s all about the ’70s aesthetic

The ’70s is a time full of inspirations. From disco sparkles to psychedelic prints and lava lamps, the decade’s aesthetic was all about wild, fun, and carefree style with its “make love not war” mentality. And it looks like its bigger than life spirit is coming back thanks to this new craze in the cake world.

Inspired by the ’70s shag rug, the Shag Cake is a baking trend that is now dominating Instagram, thanks to its playful take on color and texture. A quick search of #shagcake and you’ll find unlimited rendition of the trend, from abstract swirls to furry Monter’s Inc.-like creations. 

In an article by the Los Angeles Times, the whimsical cake treatment started in the kitchen of baker Alana Jones-Mann. With a cake as her canvas a rainbow of cream, she created the textured design through her free-flowing grass piping technique.

“What’s weird about the shag cake is I think a lot of people think I purposely made it to look like a shag carpet. And that was never the plan,” she says. “Other people started calling them that.”

Planning on doing this in your kitchen? Here are some things you should know before decorating:

1. Be sure to have the proper equipment to do the design, which includes an offset spatula and piping bags with a grass decorating tip. 

2. When making your buttercream frosting, remember to start on slow speed as you add the sugar to the butter. Increase the speed gradually to medium and high for three minutes.

3. Divide your frosting and start adding colors. It is up to your preference on how many colors you should incorporate on the design. 

4. After an even coating of cream on the cake, make sure to chill it before piping the shag. 

5. You can mark a guide on your cake with the use of a toothpick so you’ll know where to put your colored buttercream, and have a rough view of your design.

Enjoy piping!