TWICE members try out home gardening

Park Ji Hyo, Yoo Jeong-yeon, and Sana Minatozaki, three members of the nine-strong South Korean girl group TWICE took a quick break from performing as they tried a new hobby — gardening.

A series entitled JEONGSAJI’s (Jeongyeon, Sana, and Jihyo’s) home gardening was recently introduced on TWICE’s YouTube channel. In its first episode, Sana explained in Korean, “I wanted to find a new hobby. I told them I wanted to try this, and they wanted to join me.” 

Repotting cacti

The three novice gardeners have replanted two plants, using  a manual as their guide. They started by repotting a cactus. They removed the plant from the existing pot, transferred it into a new planter, filled the gaps with soil, and added some pebbles for the final touch.

Although cactus is a hardy plant, Jihyo, the group leader, admits that she has killed a cactus before, in contrast with Jeongyeon, who is fond of tending cacti. 

Jeongyeon finished repotting first and named her new cactus Oi sobagi, a Korean term for stuffed cucumber kimchi. She says in Korean, “This is Oi sobagi, who will grow with me from now on.” Jihyo, on the other hand, labeled her cactus “Ang,” from Anggeul, a nickname that fans call her, which means ‘smiling cutely.’ Sana named her cactus Doodoong, which sounds like TDOONG, a nickname for TWICE that is coined by their supporters.

Jeongyeon shows her new cactus named Oi sobagi, which stands for stuffed cucumber kimchi.

Mini Dracaena stuckyi (Sansevieria stuckyi)

After working on their cacti, they proceeded in repotting, but this time, it’s a mini dracaena stuckyi. They poured some pebbles into the glass pot, filled half of it with soil, transferred the stuckyi, and topped them with pebbles. 

They all believe that growing plants is not easy. Sana recalls, “When I had one, I thought I just had to water it well. I watered it well and it died.” Jeongyeon commented, “Maybe you watered it too much.”  

They brought up that giving compliments such as ‘I love you’ to plants is helpful, something that Sana immediately applied by complimenting her stuckyi. Jihyo also shared that Jeongyeon also grows several plants in her house. The latter responded, “I’ve tried pretty hard to grow, but it’s not as easy as I thought.”

The continuation of their gardening session is yet to be revealed in the next episodes of the series.

Check out the video:

Photos screen captured from TWICE TV’s YouTube channel.  

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