Toast to a vibrant new year with this refreshing new gin flavor

Published December 26, 2020, 5:48 PM

by Rey Ilagan

Even with limited celebrations during this Yuletide season, we still managed to come together and experience the holidays with much fanfare. Christmas Day festivities were filled with lechon, wine, cold cuts, bibingka, cocktails, and joyous laughter from friends and family. 

“I think no matter the situation, people will always find a way to celebrate with loved ones, be it via video calls or any other digital platform,” said Frances Favila, Beefeater Gin brand manager. “There’s a human need for social connection and what will only change is how we choose to share the holidays together in lieu of face to face gatherings.”

As we near the end of yet another year, what better way to toast 2021 than a new refreshing cocktail flavor? Beefeater Gin introduces its Pink variety, a delicately fruity and vibrant strawberry-flavored gin. The brand brings its award-winning gin by incorporating “a natural strawberry flavor to the traditional hand-picked citrus and juniper botanicals.” 

“Thanks to a taste you won’t get enough of, we can’t wait for young gin lovers to get their hands on Beefeater Pink. There are so many ways to enjoy a strawberry-flavored gin, you’ll never want to stop experimenting,” said Favila. “Beefeater Pink & tonic with a strawberry garnish is the best since it’s refreshing and the garnish complements the flavors of Pink. The ingredients are simple and easy to make even for those of us celebrating Christmas at home. Of course, the best holiday cocktail is the one that you enjoy the most, and Beefeater Pink is vibrant enough for classic gin cocktails yet versatile for those who like experimenting.”

Inspired by stencil art, the gin’s bottle design features a graffiti-style logo housed in a transparent bottle. The brand also releases a limited edition Pink VAP set, which comes with a goblet, exclusively sold at all S&R outlets for P699.