VIRAL: Inspiring Filipino entrepreneur and his vegan lechon dream

Remember 'you are never denied, and only redirected'

We all have those days when everything seems to not fall in their proper place that you couldn't help but sit back and cry. That's what a now viral social media post is all about.

Entrepreneur known as Chef Elpi shared his sentiments on Facebook about how his dream of having a vegan restaurant, starring his plant-based lechon belly creation, crumbled as his investors backed out.

Chef Elpi's vegan lechon belly

"Last week, we were supposed to open my small vegan restaurant, located in Sampaloc, Manila, near La Loma," he said in the post. "I was so happy, because finally, I can rebuild my small vegan restaurant here in Manila. (My small vegan resto in GenSan closed down because of the prolonged lockdown and I want to rebuild it here.)"

Unfortunately, that's where the happiness ends. According to him, he and his investors didn't agree on one part of the contract. So they decided to end it, putting a stop on the launch of his Manila-based vegan restaurant, which caused him much dismay.

Chef Elpi

But apart from the jokes about "putting up a vegan/plant-based lechon house at the heart of the Lechon Capital of the Philippines is a joke," him missing his loved ones in General Santos City and Davao, and a two-day crying marathon, Chef Elpi picked himself up an decided to still pursue his dream. But instead of his original plans, this time he concocted to pan out a smaller scale to his business idea. 

"The next morning, I packed up my bag, went to La Loma, searched for a place to rent where I can stay nearby, bought a stainless steel cart, bought a small freezer," he said. "I did all of those in one day, and tada! Surprise! I just put up the very first plant-based (vegan) lechon house in the Philippines, right at the heart of the Philippines' Lechon Capital, La Loma! (Akala ko ba si Cebu ang Lechon Capital?)."

Elpi vellychon mobile house

Now, thanks to that post, his "vellychon" house on wheels garnered quite an attention. On his first day, Dec. 16, he's already out of stock after three hours of opening. And it looks like people are getting converted, and want more of it.

"I don't know if I will make it. I just want it so badly. Even if I have to start at the bottom again and do everything from scratch," he said. "Even if I have to disobey my parents this time for the nth time. Even if there is a greater chance of failing again… even if magmukha akong katawa-tawa, 'cheap,' at baliw, I will do this no matter what it takes!"

With a good product, rightful cause, and determination, it looks like the future is bright for Chef Elpi and his one-of-a-kind lechon belly.

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