Heartbreaking: Anthony Taberna cries as daughter shaves hair off for chemotherapy

Broadcaster Anthony Taberna opened up on his heartache after seeing his 12-year-old daughter Zoey go bald. This is because she will be undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Taberna/Instagram

“When Zoey agreed to have her head shaved and when I found out that my wife was on the way to the hospital with Tet, I left for a while. I thought I was strong, but it turns out that I was weak,” Taberna wrote on Instagram. “Every time I see the video of Zoey having her head shaved, I couldn’t hold my tears. Having short or no hair is one of Zoey’s insecurity.”

Taberna said Zoey let him share the photo on social media after she posted it first. “She is smiling but I knew her heart was breaking from the moment her hair started falling off due to chemotherapy,” he said. “I admire the courage of my eldest child. I love you, Zoey.”

Taberna shared earlier that Zoey was rushed to the hospital complaining about unexplained pain in her legs in December last year. After running several tests, his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.