Gen Z-founded fashion brands on why they are going sustainable

Published November 27, 2020, 9:03 AM

by Kerry Tinga

From the thrifted and pre-loved to the upcycled and reconstructed

They say there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ fashion find… But what if I told you that these brands aren’t just chic, aren’t just local, but are sustainable too? I mean, doesn’t that just check all the boxes!

The Manila Fling virtual shopping affair is back not just supporting local, homegrown brands, but sustainable ones as well. This weekend, from Nov. 27 to 29, local brands that are all about thrifted and vintage pieces will be available on The Manila Fling website.

But in an industry that is framed to be all about what is trendy, current, and new, it begs the question, why did these Gen Z-ers start sustainable brands?

“We think this generation is more aware of the implications of our actions on the environment. It’s no longer something we can turn a blind eye to,” says the team behind The Manila Fling, Erica Dee, Sam Tangco, and Robyn See. “Thrifting and made-to-order items ensure that each item is unique, workers are paid fairly and helps solve the problem of overproduction. Slow fashion is definitely here to stay.”

Scroll through to check out the answers of brands selling second-hand and upcycled pieces (and check out their gorgeous items).

Fifi’s Vintage

Fifi’s Vintage was started by Sophia Lumbao, 19, who sells curated, pre-loved items and reworked one-of-a-kind designs.

Sophia: I started a sustainable brand after I fell in love with thrifting on a trip to Europe. I started selling some of the clothes I bought there along with second-hand and vintage clothes from my grandparents. I slowly started learning how to sew so I could rework the clothes and eventually started making original designs! I want my brand to show people that second-hand and vintage clothing can be really trendy and chic when styled well. If I can even convince one person to start shopping second hand then I’ve reached my goal!

Re-worked bra and top set made from the fabric of thrifted clothes / Photo from Instagram/Fifis_Vintage
Dress from Fifi’s Vintage worn by singer-songwriter Frankie Pangilinan / Photo from Instagram/FrankiePangilinan

Kinda Vintage

Founded by Arianne Calvez, 22, and Camille Padrique, 23, last year, Kinda Vintage sells thrifted, as well as unique upcycled, pieces.

Camille: Primarily, we believe that fast fashion is harmful to the environment–it depletes non-renewable resources and consumes so much water and energy. This is our way of taking care of the world we live in.

Arianne: Moreover, we love and enjoy finding chic clothing in thrift shops. We are also exploring creating new and unique pieces from the fabrics of our thrifted items.

Vintage pieces / Photo from Instagram/Wear.KindaVintage

Soulshine Vintage

Poline Garcia, 21, started Soulshine Vintage selling hand-picked pre-loved pieces and creative reworked clothing items.

Poline: My lola used to bring me to ukay-ukay when I was still a little girl to buy clothes when we would have special events to attend to. So I grew up with a family that likes to go to ukay-ukay ever since. One of the reasons I decided to start my small, online, second-hand clothing shop is because it encourages and develops a recycling community. Recycling garments aid those in need and help the environment as well. Buying second-hand clothes assist in keeping the recycling system in place and we can progress together as a community if more people practice buying and selling second-hand clothes.

Reconstructed sweaters, hoodies, and zip-ups from thrifted clothes / Photo from Instagram/Soulshine_Vintage
Kylie Verzosa wearing a top from Soulshine Vintage / Photo from Instagram/KylieVerzosa

By the Océane

By the Océane was founded by Jayvie Calderon, 21, selling hand-picked thrift store finds and reworked items.

Jayvie: After educating myself on sustainable fashion, I realized I wanted to do more than just practice it myself. I wanted to share this passion with others. Shopping second-hand isn’t just about finding unique clothes. It’s about making use of what already exists because the world can’t take all the waste being produced anymore.

Reworked double-ribbon top / Photo from Instagram/ByTheOceane

Fifi’s Vintage, Kinda Vintage, Soulshine Vintage, and By the Océane are part of The Manila Fling: Holiday Edition from Nov. 27 to 29.