Thirsty for cocktails? This website will satisfy your craving

Published November 6, 2020, 1:16 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s something for your next e-numan session

Going out to dance, getting wasted on the bar, and not remembering what happened last night. Those are the fun memories of our pre-Covid nightlife. These days, sundown activities just include lounging in our pajamas on that cozy couch and bingeing on Netflix. Sometimes, a video call here and there with friends for a little catch up.

But if you’re tired of all the laying around and binge-watching, here is something to spice up your evenings. Recipe website Make Me A Cocktail will unleash your inner bartender and help you create a cocktail based on whatever you have in your kitchen. 

Screenshot of

Made by cocktail enthusiast and software developer Nick Wilkins in 2010, the website houses over 3,500 beverage recipes, ranging from warm drinks to the intoxicating kind. Just key in to the website what alcohol you have in your panty (gin, vodka, rum, bourbon), fruit, coffee, vegetable, even condiments. Basically, whatever ingredient you think you can include on your drink. Then hit that make-me-a-cocktail button and wait for the results.

Along with the recipes, the website also gives information you need about the drinks (recipe ratings, glass to use, etc.) for a little booze education.

The best part of all this is that it’s free to use. Cheers and thank you, internet gods!