Epson provides safety solutions to thrive in new normal

Published October 17, 2020, 8:03 AM

by Enzo Luna

The global pandemic not only created significant challenges for businesses, it presented opportunities for digital optimization and transformation. In these challenging times, technology allows for improved operational resilience and flexibility in a new reality characterized by rapidly changing market dynamics. 

Epson Philippines concluded its annual 11th Fusion event with the theme #FusionFromHome showing their commitment to drive digital transformation and support business recovery through its efficient, compact, precise, and sustainable innovations in printing and visual imaging. These technologies will help organizations and customers to keep safe while allowing digital transformation in every offices and homes during the pandemic.

Theses tough times are felt by many industries but at the same time, it boosted Epson’s market share by 61%, making them still the no. 1 choice brand in the market.

Safety Solutions in the new normal

With the government’s mandatory requirement for essential workers to wear face masks, face shields, and personal protective equipment (PPEs), businesses in the F&B and retail segment needed to comply and ensure that their delivery or on-ground staff are fully protected while enforcing social distancing measures.

Providing protection through precision, Epson’s dye sublimation printers in the SureColor F-series can be used to produce customized fabric for personal protective equipment, while its SureColor T-series and SureColor S-Series can produce durable signages to communicate key safety messages inside establishments. 

Apart from ensuring clear communication of safety reminders, Epson’s intelligent POS printer range optimizes contactless ordering with fast and reliable hardware that integrate seamlessly with a customer’s existing POS system, and allows them to print from a range of device types such as PCs, smartphones & tablets. For essential deliveries, Epson’s ColorWorks label printers can help create durable labels that will convey key product information while helping the brand to stand out. 

As schooling shifts to the virtual platform, educators have turned to technology to create online classrooms that allow them to present physical materials in detail. Epson, the leading projector brand worldwide for 19 consecutive years, has a comprehensive lineup of projectors for everyday home use, classrooms, and offices in the new normal. 

The ultra-portable EF-100 home laser projectors can be used to create one big screen for work presentations during the day and entertainment during the night. For effective remote learning, students and teachers in separate classrooms can use the screen sharing function of Epson’s interactive projectors to share the same content virtually. Offline materials can also be shown and annotated on live in the virtual class by integrating Epson’s document camera with Epson’s interactive projectors. Offices can also take advantage of the projectors’ flexible display size options, allowing meeting participants to be seated far away from each other and still see bright, detailed projections from across the room.

Shaping the future of business printing

As majority of the workforce have transitioned to working from home, print volumes in the office are expected to decline. However, the situation presented new opportunities for Epson’s “entry level” 25 ppm and A4 copiers with the demand for printed learning modalities from government and educational institutions. 

Driven by its revolutionary PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, Epson’s inkjet copiers consume far less power than laser copiers. The WorkForce Enterprise copiers consume up to 85% less energy than similar-speed laser copiers, which can amount to significant cost savings in the office. Inkjet copiers also produce up to 85% less carbon dioxide than those of comparable laser copiers. 

In terms of waste generation, the WorkForce Enterprise copiers come with fewer components that need replacing, making them more convenient to operate as they require only changing of the ink cartridges and maintenance box as compared to the toner, drum, developer, fusers and more components for laser copiers. 

This translates to 59% less replacement parts compared to laser copiers, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated and impact on the environment over the lifetime of a copier. With this, downtime is greatly reduced, with much less maintenance for the copier needed over its lifetime.

New ecosystem of home, school, and office 

COVID-19 changed the landscape of what once was the unique segments of the home, school, and office. The classrooms and office cubicles are now extended into our living rooms and bedrooms, forcing the home to an unprecedented digital convergence that brings together a sophisticated blend of the virtual and the real world.

As the home becomes the hub for the worker and the student, the usage of the printer at home benefits not just one but the whole family. From the point of view of the worker and the student, being able to print anywhere is a convenience they will want to experience. Epson’s EcoTank printers fit perfectly in this new ecosystem of home, school, and office as the cost effective, feature-rich printing solution in the new normal. 

Effects of COVID-19 on performance

While lockdown and quarantine are in place, more consumers are buying printers for work and study at home set up. With the opening of classes, more private and public schools are requiring printers and consumables for mass production of learning modules.

Small businesses are also sprouting and that require them to purchase equipment that will help them provide support for the family.

At the same time, companies are also supporting their employees by providing printers for their work from home set up.

Also, the limited access of essential person to go outside of their homes and transportation gave way to online shopping where consumers are able to purchase printers on e-commerce sites and appliances websites.

Celebrating its 10th year in the market, the EcoTank range has shown how Epson continuously improved and evolved its ink tank technology to suit changing needs. With the widest range of ink tank printers in the world, Epson offers solutions for a variety of printing requirements—from single-function to multi-function, mono to color, Wi-Fi, ADF or duplex printing-enabled, and even large format CAD, textile printers that use the EcoTank technology. 

Epson Fusion goes online with #FusionFromHome

Epson’s innovations on printing and visual imaging were showcased in #FusionFromHome and captured how these solutions can best equip businesses to thrive in the new normal. Fusion’s 11th year was held through an online video conference, which serves as a testament to demonstrating the capabilities of technology to reach a wide audience. 

“Epson believes that the new normal should not pose constraints to distance learners and office workers. Through our innovative products and solutions in printing and visual imaging, we can optimize learning, increase efficiencies in the office and help businesses embrace digital transformation,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing at Epson Philippines Corporation.